Regular Requirements Lowered?

There seems to be a wave of new regulars and I’m not sure if everyone is meeting the insane requirements at the same time or if they were lowered extremely o.o

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@MaddCow Or @Takran do you guys know anything about this? Iol

@Plaff might know something too he helped me by telling me the requirements when I tried for Regular

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I’m not sure, I recently got it and I’m happy ^^


Lol yeah and you changed your picture :open_mouth: the entire forum is evolving

Normally, people have to fill these requirements:

Only two parts of the regular requirements change - the percent of posts read and the percent of threads read. Both are 25% of what was created in the last 100 days. We had a MASSIVE influx of posts in that 100 day span for a while, which made becoming a regular almost impossible. Once we started merging threads and post rates changed, the percents became much more attainable.


That makes a lot of sense because I remember my requirements looked like this:


This is a really old picture about a few months back

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Oh ok, that’s very nice then! Thank you for clearing this out! :smile:

You can close this then if you want to.

And here I am still a lowly commoner :cry:

It’s because you’re not A_Wood :stuck_out_tongue: lol you should ask a mod to check your progress if you really want to know what to do.

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