Regular Maggie vs Wasteland Maggie


I have hit 5,5k keys right now and wondering if it’s worth to wait to get the keys for Wasteland Maggie.
What I heard from old topics, Wasteland Maggie was supposed to be more “glassy” but more “cannony” if I can say so.
What happened was that the fire dmg DoT supposedly wasn’t stacking on the monster (which supposedly resulted with Wasteland Maggie actually having lower DPS overall than regular Maggie + Reg. Maggie had overall more HP [or Trapjaw]).
If you played one or both, what can you say/suggest about them? Or should I even pick sth else (I already have Bucket and Wraith).

Thanks for the help.


Right now Wasteland Maggie feels slightly subpar compared to regular Maggie. Her damage only shines if Daisy gets to use her flamethrower a lot. Because that is out of your control, I feel like I’m doing less overall compared to regular Maggie. Wasteland USED to be MUCH stronger, but right now her damage is slightly averagish. Maggie feels better currently.


If you prefer shooting the monster, go with Waggie

If you like to play bit more of a mindgame (where to place your traps for example, since you get 3 instead of 1), go with normal maggie


See, I feel I do much more damage as Reg Maggie and the gun doesn’t feel as awkward with the gunplay.


Normal Maggie is pretty much superior in every way now, it seems. The only time I would ever recommend taking WLM is if you have a coordinated team that is willing to consistently run the DOT comp. (Rogue Val, Cabot, WLM, and Hyde)


I wish there was an option to actually play characters that you don’t have unlocked in Training mode, so you can get a view of what you’re getting into.


This way you can be more suprised!


Waggie is fun, real fun, but Cow is right, she got a pretty big nerf on her damage between Legacy and now, and she doesn’t feel like she’s doing all that much compared to Maggie


While I absolutely adore fulfilling Hyde’s wild dream of putting a flamethrower onto Daisy and melting faces all day everyday, I feel that Maggie is superior to Waggie at the end of the day.

Controlling the monstar players movement is, imo, the #1 priority for any trapper and you lose that with having only a single trap with Waggie since it’s much easier to break one trap as the monstar and getting back to focusing on the medic/support. With Maggie though, you can place multiple traps in opposite ends of one another which has much more potential to stop the monstar player in their tracks and buy precious seconds for your team in either doing damage, healing, or kiting the monstar since they’re being focused.

To me, the trappers main priority should be CCing the monstar as much as possible so that focused players can kite while the assault/support can put in as much damage into the monstar player as possible. Damage should be a second priority (such as inbetween 'poon reloads and when you’re being focused) and be left to the Assault/Support.


This way I may be surprised into buying sth that I may hate. I’m new to this game and I’m not best at farming cash.
It took me like almost half this day to get this amount of keys.


just wait and play other hunters for free before you spend keys. They should be rotating free characters soon, possibly tomorrow, since they said rotation was every week!


Rotation is every Friday.