Regular Goliath and Markov needs to be buffed!


I am loving the new adaptations with the new moves making the game more diverse, but the goliath and the Markov adaptation kind made the original one shadow of it’s adaptation. Let me explain, Doesn’t seem that the meteor goliath is just the regular goliath but stronger, same for Blitz Markov. Then whats use of using the regular? My only idea of using the regular goliath is showing off skins but there is no exscuse for Markov. The other adaptaions changes the moves like how Rogue Val’s tranquilizer turns into a poison dart gun, but Markov’s and Goliath’s dosent change other then them being more powerful. It would be in your favor to choose meteor goliath or Blitz Markov instead of the regular. There might be some advantages of using the regulars but it is hardly noticeable. I played five game as a trapper playing with Markov or against the goliath. 1 out 5 games the person used a regular Markov. 0 out 5 games the person used a regular goliath. this is why they need a buff, the regular goliath and Markov are becoming a thing of the past. Please buff them! Thank you !


OG Goliath has more burst damage potential and shorter cooldowns. Meaty isn’t better than Goliath.

Same with the Markovs. OG has more reliable damage than Blitz does. If you break Blitz Markov’s beam, his damage potential is cut way down, and the mines are less of a threat until they’ve staged up twice. Markov just has low damage potential, so they generally avoid picking him. Blitz has a bit more potential, but the multipliers make it seem like you’re doing a ton more damage.

Goliath is superior to Meaty, and the Markovs are about on the same level, though I can agree they could use some small buffs for consistency.


Haha! Ahhh MG, let me count the ways you suck.
MG is an absolute joke compared to OG. It is easily MG who needs some love. Guessing you play on console right? I hear MG is more popular there over OG for some reason.


The reason for that is less communication an lower skilled teir of players. They like to bunch up around the monster an Meaty all about that AOE dmg so it really factors in. I get so tired of saying “its MG stay spaced out” every game i see him in an rarely do the others listen.


MG might generally be worse than OG, but MG has a huge advantage in being able to see through cloaks so easily.


That multiplier makes him a lot more fun for me. I think he overall does less damage per match, last time they said anything about it.

Also @OP, regular Goliath is superior to Meaty easy.

I play Goliath as my main monster and would pick him 9 times out of 10 over Meaty.


But… blue flames. ;-; I actually prefer meaty. >3>


Sorry katt, MG lives in the dump right now


Markov doesn’t need a buff, Blitz needs to be taken down.

My suggestion for Blitz is to give him a nibble less range and give him a better lock on angle for the Teslagun.
Right now Blitz is too similar and too superior over Markov, if Blitz was reworked and like in the micropatch every other assault brought down. He will be as every bit as viable as the others.

As for the Goliaths we already know they are getting better in the micropatch and in the title update.


MG is really good . MG is not a joke

I d rather face OG than MG

Cloak is useless against MG ability

We all know that the outcome of the match against defensive team is relied on getting support down as fast as possible . MG does have an advantage over all monster at this aspect

Back to topic

Markov needs buff . Absolutely (LG range)


Cloak is near useless against MG. Plus fire will no longer be put out by water so that gives him a big boost. If you add the poison buff, then you’ll be setting Hunters on fire AND poisoning them with every hit.


Not true at all

Compare all assault to Markov . Markov is the worst

The reason I pick Markov is that he is the best counter against kraken

Hank laser cutter out damage the LG . Lol


I promise you MG sucks compared to OG. If you went up vs my OG and my MG you would much prefer playing vs MG due to how weak he is.


Ahh okay a clear thing when YOU suck with MG then its a proof that he is UP, lol! Maybe you just not that good with MG like with OG.

Your OG playstyle is burned into your mind, you have to play the MG not like the OG. Or look at your Behemoth if you play Bob I would say yes he need buffs but in the right hands he is better than some ppl. think.

I dont want to be rude or something. I just want to say that you master one monster and after this you cant be the “best” with the other monsters.

To say something nice at the end: Your OG is very good, I like to see if you playing him.


I’ve put enough time into MG to come to the conclusion he’s crap. It’s also not just me. A lot of other competitive players feel he is noticeably under OG.


A lot? Evolve has maximum player-peak at 300 atm and 95% of them are not competive players. So then 10 people more think that MG need a buff. Never talk about of a lot of people when we are talking about Evolve.

I told you so much time: Its just the damage on PC what makes your time so hard. I am on Console a Silver Master - Elite Monster but when I play on PC its hard for me to stand Silver Experts sometimes.

But you can be glad in TU9 they balanced the game completely for PC they recuded the hunter damage. I think then I will reach Gold on Console as Monster.


Yes he is but it doesn’t warrant a buff, as we know all the assaults are too good and that TRS is bringing them all down in the next patch.
Therefore I don’t see in any way in the immediate future will Markov be brought up.

For a long time TRS has solved problems with the assaults by bumping damage, now that they have a better idea of where they want to go and how they’re working on improving the usability of these characters. We’ve all learned that most of them don’t need to be doing the crazy damage that most of them are doing now.

We all know that Hank’s damage is still OP, which is why he’ll be kicking the bucket in the next patch …along with Sunny of course.


Ya Xbox 1is what i play on


I love the idea of adaptations and versing them but I prefer to use the regulars!



Every one has strength in monster / character that he relays on .

Kraken is my thing

Goliath is my second best

I suck at playing other monsters but that doesn’t mean they are less powerful than my favorite picks

I think MG is really good . MG outperform Goliath against val / laz . MG do an AOI residual damage

OG outperform MG against slim / Emet

MG is an anti support

MG can destroy shield drone very easily and make it useless

Cloak can juke OG very easily . Not MG

All MG ability have longer range . Charge & rock are faster / charge is very good on MG

Charge & FB on MG > OG

You can’t just mitigate those and throw it out the window

Water will not remove fire in the next update . Good buff . In the past (8.0) MG received 1 more second on residual burn