Regular Daisy's movement speed 'aura' not noticeable?


Acording to the patch notes, Daisy now has a 15% movement speed ‘aura’ around her that is 15M big when not on the dome. But when I am close to Daisy, I don’t see myself going any faster.

Anyone else noticing this or?


It probably doesn’t stack with movement speed perks? That might be why there isn’t a noticeable difference.


I noticed that I was with Maggie and it wasn’t working especially when I was in the radius of Daisy


@ArPharazon Not sure if you are the right guy to notice, but I’d figure a dev might want to look at this. I’ve tested it in custom games and I cannot notice any sort of movement speed increase when I’m near Daisy.


in addition to the movement buff not being noticable, her ai seems to be worse than before.

i player her once yesterday. out of the dropship used the scanner and started moving into the direction the monster was going, rather than directly to where the monster was and where daisy wanted to go. daisy practically never caught up to me, because she always stopped to houl. later in that game i wanted to try out the speed buff so i just followed her and she just ran ahead (with speedbuff it seems), while i was too slow to follow. after about 30-40 m daisy stops and houls to let me catch up, which just feels wrong compared to before the patch, where daisy was running at hunter speed.


Yea, she seems to stop and howl waaay earlier when Maggie isn’t near her than before.


Her howl is kinda scary now…when I hear it I know I need to get moving.


Tagging @Insane_521 ,he might give more light on the situation.


Yeah, best if QA looks at this first I guess, or maybe a gameplay programmer… Drawing a blank right now, @Shaners who should this go to, do you think?


I remember the guys saying it’s super subtle! I see Cory tagged, and I’ll go ahead and summon @GentlemanSquirl and @LordDeath


The speed buff definitely works right now, unfortunately it’s hard to tell without a visual effect. Also if you have movement speed from perks, it will not stack with Daisy’s speed boost. I can look into slowing Daisy down or not having the buff apply to her since I have also seen Daisy speed off out of range and stop constantly.


An aura similar to Rogue Val could work, though of course creating too many aura’s might create a visual mess.


Instead of an aura you can just have an icon over daisy if you are in range.


Haven’t really noticed her speed buff either, it would be nice if they gave it an AoE outline.
The bigger problem is how dumb daisy still is, just a few jetpack boosts and you’ve already outsped her, now you have a dog slacking behind that doesn’t add much to the team.