Regular Badge and Trust Level


Has anyone else lost their regular status from the sheer volume of new threads that you can’t check everyday or ever lol?


How does one obtain Regularity?


A useful read.


Heck yes. I log in, see the 250 (mostly whiny OP posts) and immediately hit “Dismiss New”. Someday I might get regular back, but I doubt it.


Still have it some how. Per determination likely.


Very helpful, thanks. It’s all so clear now!


I didn’t know you could lose it, talk to a mod maybe they can give it back. If i would have to guess you might have lost it due to inactivity.


I’m on everyday lol… just can’t check through all the bs lol. You have to read like 25% of the new posts or something crazy to keep it lol.


You can only read “Wraith is OP” and “I guess TRS doesn’t care about X” so many times…




Then people get pissy when you mention using existing threads or use a search function. People are such delicate unique snowflakes.


Where you been comando… I swear you’re always on youtube lol.


I’ve still got mine… for now. There really are way too many new threads each day right now but in a week or two I think it’ll start being close to 80-100. Much more manageable… until the next patch. Then it’ll be back to 200 threads a day of everything being overpowered, underpowered, and perfectly balanced.


Nope been playing lots as well. Will be on tonight if you’re game.


Yea I’ll be on for sure lol.


YESSS I GOT IT BACK!!! I’ll never mistreat you again!!!

@SledgePainter You can go ahead and lock this bad boy up for me Sledge.