Region lock multiplayer?


Nothing worse than a guy who speaks another language then the rest of the group and refuses to communicate. I vote for a region lock!


:slight_smile: please do this thank you!


You are generally going to be paired with people in your region regardless because of matchmaking pairing you with people within sensible network connections…

The problem you are talking about is with people in that region to begin with, and there is nothing you can do about that sorry. I am Canadian, I sometimes have people talk in french around me. The only solution would be, to learn some french lol.

If I am being totally honest, I think telling people they can’t play with friends because you are mildly urked is a rather selfish thing to ask too…


Um… are you being serious?

I live in Australia. I have friends in the US.

I’m not even going to lay out the rest of that for you.


No, i dont want this


I… would not like this, I too have friends in the US… Also I am soon to be moving overseas for work (Currently in New Zealand moving to Malaysia) I would still like to connect to my friends in the NZ/ AUS areas as well as US :confused:


No lol… How messy


I’m sick of russian kids, I want to develop my english speaking.


Haha I dont think it will go down well in the spirit of community building. Anyway I rather play with people who speak foreign languages at times. It does interest me to learn a bit of their language


I actually not only vote against this, but have a very strong feeling that the chances of encountering a situation where there’s a language barrier in a match is incredibly slim. But lets say someone whom doesn’t have English as their native language joins your game. Can it be annoying and even stressful when you can’t understand one another? Of course! But it’s completely unfair to just cut off not only the person who doesn’t speak English, but also everyone else who has friends spread out throughout the world.

Already in this thread, you can see that there’s friendships spread around the globe. Cutting them off because other people don’t speak the “glorious language English” is incredibly selfish. I have LOTS of friends spread about the world who live in Japan, Germany, China, Switzerland, and even Korea; I WANT to be able to have the opportunity to play the fantastic game that Evolve is WITH them. I don’t want it to be where either of us have to go through some shoddy foreign proxy site just so that we can play a fantastic game with one another.

Also, I’ve had some great matches with people where we couldn’t understand one another. In games such as DOTA2, I’ve been in some fantastic matches where I played with a team which clearly spoke another language. But guess what? We used the systems in place to signal what was needed to be done. We didn’t need words to know when to gank the enemy teams carry, or when to retreat from a fight. This made for a very unique and satisfying experience.

Don’t be close minded about those whom do not speak the “golden standard: English”. They’re gamers to, so treat them just as you would treat anyone else.


Yeah, no. Everyone else said why, I’m just agreeing with them.

As it is, though, you get mainly people from your own region.


yeah no. how about you get 3 friends and play with them?
make checkboxes so you can match by region, like in dota. it may get abused but still better than nothing.


What about us Norwegians? We would be stuck with the Swedes! :frowning:


Pewdiepie seems nice


He live in the USA now i thought


No thanks :slight_smile:


I would too, making as many millions as he does I would want to move to where I was being taxed much, much less too.


I think he lives in the UK guys

(I cheated I just wiki’d that).


Cheater :wink:


He is the the UK confirmed, for a small fee we’re willing to post him back though…

Anyway No this would be awful, I play with Spanish and Dutch players, Americans, even South Africans.
Besides who wouldn’t want to pug and find a Russian guy playing Markov. As the Dev’s have confirmed on stream, Markov is a space Russian from mars. (Val is believed to be from Space Poland, but the dev couldn’t confirm this) CANNON :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: