Regarding the Hunter's Quest app


This is a fun mini-game and a great way to speed your mastery in Evolve. Unfortunately however, I am a completionist and this app drives me crazy. To unlock a character emblem you have to reach level 30 for the character, which is impossible (I play the hardest mission in area one over and over and my characters only get 1% exp each time… Wtf I’m only level 12). Also, the random drops for the bestiary are brutal. I’ve played for who knows how long and only unlocked 6 creatures. Again, it seems like those emblems are well out of reach. Anyone else frustrated like me?


Check this thread out:
@Hydrawolf is a boss of Hunters Quest!


Will do, thanks


Got every char on lv 30 but the collection is a pain. And the Emblem of Lazarus is bugged for me it doesn’t unlock


How long did it take you?


4-5 days with me and my girlfriend playing :smiley: