Regarding Supernova Mastery


Seemed straightforward; activate Supernova, cause damage with one of the other 3 abilities. Does Decoy not work for this, or am I missing something?


Should. Also note that it doesn’t require to be done on a Hunter. Wildlife counts. I believe as long as the damage is done within the SN it should count.


Ah, good catch. Only Warp & Abduction require Hunter targets. Warp is easy, still figuring out distance needed for Abduct. Will try SN on critters :smile:


No dice. For anyone else working on Wraith- either Decoy does not apply towards SN mastery, or I’m doing it wrong :expressionless: Additionally, stealth pounce for Decoy does not work on Wildlife, despite the description not specifying.


I remember it being discussed in another thread and somebody mentioned that decoy doesn’t work, it needs to be warp blast and abduct. At least it can be done on wildlife because I typically dislike these masteries that ask you to do something completely out of the way like wasting a supernova on other skills, like that Torvald level 3 mastery for his shrapnel grenades where you need to damage the monster 5 times in a row with the grenades without taking damage. Luckily it only needs doing 10 times but… :expressionless:


I have now mastered ol’ Wraithy. So yes, Decoy does not work. Warp Blast and Abduct are perfect for this- dive into the fray, pop SN and then immediately WP, then quickly Abduct. That’s two points.


That did the trick :slight_smile: Abduct seems based on proximity of your target to their team, not distance you grab from. So that is slow, but reliable. Which leaves Decoy mastery, and continues to stump me. Still don’t know if it works on wildlife, do you need to hold the pounce long enough to deal damage once, etc.


Decoy used to work on wildlife, don’t know if it changed. The hardest part is throwing a Decoy that doesn’t engage your targets and kills them.