Regarding Slim's spore cloud


So there has been a lot of hate regarding the usage and the effectiveness of the sores lately, some say it needs reworked others say it needs removed.

Hear me out now. So obviously it’s a tool in a Combat Medic’s kit that helps keep him and others unseen for a short time and alive if used correctly right? Well now what else would it do what else could it do to help keep people alive? Alone, Slim’s healing and shields and what not aren’t always enough to keep people alive and to aid in dodging every medic has something that helps the entire team or multiple in general to help dodge or help in movement; CC right?

Now what would Slim do if he lost this? It would leave people vulnerable for those few precious seconds that it does truly help people out and would make Slim have to work so so so much harder to keep people alive with his new ability whatever it may be. He wouldn’t have as much time to heal overall as a result of his current way of CC being that he can guard an area and heal, nothing else would work for Slim it just simply wouldn’t fit in to how he has to heal he would be naked without it.

In case any of you don’t know yet, he’s getting a healing nerf supposedly in the next update so would you then still wish this upon him if he lost say 10% in overall healing potential? I don’t think any of us would in fact he might need a compensation buff on the bug or spores, but that’s not for discussion now as we haven’t seen how his nerf plays out yet.

So take a moment and ask yourself if he were to lose this ability to temporarily blind and get those few healing bursts in how in the world would he function with nerfed healing without this? I simply think that would overall kill him as a character he would be worse than a few updates ago drastically.

As a result of the upcoming change to him, all we know is it’s negative so he will then, without a doubt need spores if anyone is to live with his new healing (this is all assuming the healz are indeed the thing being nerfed but I think it’s confirmed) so yes I am saying keep it as is.

At the very least I could see it not being able to be reloaded until the old bubble dissipates, but that would require a shorter cloud time in the name of balance, you gotta change two things to make one better.

Honestly I can’t see how people can complain he’s very much countered by several monsters such as MG’s reveal abilities and Gorgon’s too. Then Bob has his combos. Then the Kraken has the… well it’s Kraken need I say more? Wraith can employ hit and run tactics, for now. OG has fire breath and good combos to wear people down. Dunno about Grandpa Kraken as I haven’t seen enough of him to see how he counters medics but I always see people vortex melee spam into a corner whenever they can.

He’s probably the most easily countered medic by far any more nerfs than slight healing and were left with a squashed bug honestly.

TL;DR: Turtle Rock knew what they were doing by giving him a defensive tool; he needs it would be destroyed in effectiveness without it. Healing is getting nerfed I guarantee it’ll solve most of people’s problems with not being able to get people down but until then stop demanding spores get removed. If not anything he’ll be useless if they don’t do it right. Leave our PTSD bug-man alone!


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Slim needs a defensive too yes. Not spores. I’d rather him have an instant reloading flash bang gun that covers your screen in pure white rather than have his spores.

Slim is unbalanced, that’s a simple objective statement, it can be argued but it’s a fact he is unbalanced and as such he needs a different ability.

Slim’s effectiveness is up for debate but overall unbalanced. Some find him as useful as the itchy tag on the inside of your shirt and others think he’s the bees knees while others think he’s the equivalent of an enormous hydraulic press slowly crushing all the Monsters in a glass cage.

Besides that Slim is Slim. Some love him, some think he’s OK and others wish he’d burn to death in the fires of hell for billions of years.

Personally I like Slim’s concept, I just don’t like his execution. A medic with a lot of backstory? Specifically tied in with two other characters? Awesome. He’s a basilisk soldier? Even cooler!

A medic who can do Assault level damage while completely crippling the Monster’s sense of smell? No bueno.


All I’m saying is he would be leaving him and everyone else out in the open without it. The way he plays and flat out is as a character would not see results were it not that he can temporarily blind people. A flash bang would only do this worse and make it that a monster couldn’t dodge anything. His spores are a must to keep people alive when they need it most.


Just curious, but what’s your source?


He only does that much damage because he needs to imagine if Emet was on the replay cannon non-stop, he’d do the same, Val offers bonus damage, RV does too, as does Laz. Whereas Caira does not; one of the reasons she’s unpopular is the lack of damage she offers to the team. Slim executes the damage buff as a medic perfectly when used properly.


My reasoning for saying it is objective and not subjective is simply that it affects everyone differently. If something relies on the person and not their skill to such a degree where it has varying results then it’s not balanced.

You can have a Monster completely unphased by spores and then its unbalanced because Slim is at a disadvantage or you can have someone who is crippled by spores where they literally cannot play the game making the Monster unplayable.

Rarely is there an occurrence where the Monster is capable of dealing with spores but it is effective enough to give Slim a fighting chance.


Ironically a flash bang would be more balanced because it affects everyone the same. It’s still devastating but it’d be better to affect everyone equally.

The fact of the matter is that he shouldn’t be capable of that damage. He’s a medic and should not be dealing Assault levels of damage, especially not when he can effectively cripple the Monster’s ability to play the game.

He should be the most damaging medic and as all medics he should be doing more than Trapper but less than Support. Assault level damage is not okay.


Happens to me plenty that it can screw with them enough for the other CC to kick and get someone away from the focus of a monster but they also can see right through it if used just a second too late or early. Val can be the same way with tranqs on the chase though. It’s a matter of placement or timing.


Please don’t exaggerate. Slim does nowhere near assault level damage, unless it’s my 80 year old grandma who’s never played video games on assault playing with her toes, facing away from the tv screen. There are also plenty of visual and audio cues to help you locate him, his spore cloud is perfectly fine and manageable as a monster.

I think you should try changing your mindset of “oh fuck its slim I’m fucked, this is bullshit” to “oh it’s slim, how can I get better at locating him”


With all due respect, the devastation of spores when put on someone like myself is nothing that can be compared to.


So you’d rather be blinded and deaf for 1.5 seconds or something? Where’s the benefit for a monster to not see Torvald or an Orbital coming or a dome if used out of combat. This is so much worse speaking from both sides, this would feel OP to either side. Anything in the realm of perfectly blinding is not okay.


That all depends on how well the spores work against that particular Monster player.

You can deal with them, congratulations, I’m proud of you. Unfortunately these extremely subtle hints are not even close to enough for those like myself.

Everyone seems to think I exaggerate my experience with Slim but literally no one can disprove my struggles. Believe I’m a liar or not, I’m exaggerating or not. I’m just part of those who express all that is wrong with Slim.

And I’m not the only one @EvolveUniverse


On average of a 20:00 game I can get near 10k damage whereas my Hank or Sunny or Kala can get 13-15k and assault doing near 20k if something didn’t go terribly wrong with them.


It would affect all Monsters the same and so everyone would see the problem with spores and yes.

I’d rather fight that.

Hence my argument. Slim is not okay because he can perfectly blind them and stop them from being able to play.


Why not request a footprint indicator within the spore cloud then? Try to fix the problem at hand instead of causing more on a larger scale? Just a suggestion.


Footprint indicator?


Watching intensifies


The characters are still visible and their jetpack, what can be so bad that stops visualization of these physical things? My eyesight is pretty bad but it doesn’t prevent me from landing attacks 100% of the time what is the problem here?


The footprints from smelling.