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Today was a big day in terms of announcements and stuff . Now I totally would love to purchase the monster race edition of evolve but there are two(three) major concers I have with it .
Firstly I have to cancel my preorder from my retailer and secondly I personally dislike the term which I have marked .
In my point of view its kinda unnecessary that we get 4 exclusive monster skins , which are also limited in time . This is pure bullshit (sorry for bad language , love guys) because its like , you have something and then its gone . Just dont give us the skins or are they purchaseable later on ? Maybe I get the benefit wrong … .
Thirdly why it is a digital deluxe edition ? Folks like me wanna have some physical stuff :smiley: so I dont want to cancel my preorder .

I’d truly love to purchase the digital monster race thing (well , I’m a poor student and it’s really benefitial) but I’d also love to support the devs :slight_smile: . The struggle is real :frowning: . Anyone who shares my opinion or is it just me ?


The skin isn’t temporary
The exclusivity is.


yeah PC gets 4 monster skins 30 days early lol.

i wonder what ps4 gets. we havent heard from them yet


The whole temporary skins seems to be a caveat between Turtle Rock and 2k/Microsoft, TRS doesn’t want anything to be exclusive while Microsoft wants those deals to get people to buy it from them, so they’ve reached a middle ground, if you aren’t patient go for Xbox Evolve, if you are go for Pc/Ps4 (Or still xbox if that’s what you prefer :stuck_out_tongue:)


Okay , well yeah … . Thank you for the clarification . still a struggle :smiley: .


So basically we get 8 skins from the monster race edition ? Thats awesome !


The query was answered.

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