Regarding color blind players


I excuse myself for any mistakes.

Let me start this with a simple question: Do they Dev´s consider in any form or shape to implement asistance for colorblind players, or have actualy had a set of ideas that they would, or are curently working on to implement at this moment? (I hope asking this is ok as this is genuinly not ment in offense) @MacMan

This is a genuine question as this game does requier a certain capability of actualy percieving color in the standart way. The hunters are color coded, and so are the monsters and the wild life which spawns a multitude of problems for players that do not meet the criteria of percieving color in a normal way.

I will put up a list of things that are color coded and are mostly only visible through those means or can lead to visual distortion for people that do not have regular color sight:
-Hunter foot prints
-Monster foot prints
-Hunter outlines
-Monster outlines (including but not exclusive to Mob outlines)
-Jetpacks (Depending on the background)
-The glow of a fully armored Monster
-Arc mines
-Varius monster skins
-Elite marks (The supposedly red diamond)
-Warp blast (Looks like traversal for the first few moments)
-Orbital markers (dust tag Aswell as orbital barage)
-Monster outline from dust tag

Most of these things are color coded to ease acces to the information they are supposed to share, however most of these things can barely be recognized by quite a few players.

Lets start with the Red hunter footprints on green foliage, which are supposed to reveal hunters that are cloaked to a monster that is using its smell abillity. A person that is Red green colorblind can´t see them in almost all cases and some have even stated they wouldn´t know they exist if others wouldn´t have told them they do.
These footprints are a vital piece of information for a monster to continue its persuation of the hunters that is flat out denied to some without them even having the abillity to change that.
And there is barely any way to alivate this singular excample of a problem as of writing this post.

Another point is the fact that there isn´t just one type of color blindness but there are several different kinds causing a broader range of problems as one might excpect,

for excample the Glow of an all armored up goliath that is supposed to be easier to spot by the hunters. If said goliath would be infront of thick green foliage he would almost perfectly blurr into it making it actualy harder to spot him.

The same goes for a Fully armored Kraken infront of rocky walls (Which is common as all maps have grey rocky walls and he´s supposed to fly) which make him blurr into them for players that have another type of color blindness. (Tritanopes)

Additionaly it is worth noting that many of the skins do cause similar problems for other monsters, as the carnivoir skin changes the hue of most monsters towards a Red giving the Kraken or Wraith a similar blurring capability in maps with high foliage.

And now for the other side of the spectrum: being the monster

The hunters where initialy designed with very specific body shapes aswell as color coding to help the monster differentiate them. Sadly the color coding is not of any help as the Green and Blue of the two important classes the monster should focus mix up rather easily. To alivate that in the heat of combat the developers also shaped the hunters in a very specific way, giving them all basic forms whereas slender shapes are designated for the medic and trapper whilst the slightly bulkier shapes are for the assault and support. Until they introduced Sunny which also had a rather slender body shape, making it 3 thin ones and 1 bulky one which in turn only increased the difficulty of being able to pick the medic.

To sum it up for everyone who might read this, imagin being under the effect of Slims spore cloud The entire time even as a hunter. (That is the closest you´ll get to the expirience of a color blind person)

A few solutions (Though mostlikely to hard to be implemented) would be:
-The class icon above the hunters
-A set of options to change the colors of varius notification prompts (Ergo being able to recolor footprints, pings and eventualy even monster glows)
-The option to get a massiv black bar behind chat that complettely blocks of the terain and simply calls the hunter by its class whilst keeping the writting white.
-Giving Jetpacks a sort of after glow akin to a wraiths traversal whilst they are cloaked.

These are only a few and most likely hard to implement features that i´ve collected over the time playing this game that would help out people that are color blind.

And as per usuall as how threads work: Discuss the topic, potential solutions aswell as oppinions here in a (hopefully) mannerfull way.

Thanks for your time, [Signed by me]

@SledgePainter @warpathchris (hope you guys don´t mind due to you being there last time something like this was discussed)


It’s been discussed, check it out here:

@MacMan started compiling a list about what issues people had for their type of colorblindness
(is that a word? LOL)


I excuse myself for any mistakes.

I do know that it has been discussed there. I also partook in that discussion mind you. The last reply is from march 24 so why should i necro a thread instead of doing what was asked to be done in the last thread: make a list of issues people that are colorblind do have which i did here. a neat easy to read through topic that sumarizes the entirity of the problems afoot and putting it back into public view in a more sorted, easy to follow shape and form. Or would you suggest someone that is colorblind to read through that old thread only to be dishearted as it seems to have been droped without anyone mentioning it at any point behind this?

Additionaly, if you would´ve read through the entirity of my OP aswell as the first thing, it is not entierly about the same topic as i did actualy ask a question regarding the curent status if or not it is actualy something the developers are working on.


Sorry man, I was just mentioning it; I don’t know everyone that was part of the conversation so I wasn’t sure if you knew about it or not. I did read your whole OP and I wasn’t implying that anything was wrong with your thread, but I thought I’d be a good idea to also have a link to past mentions of the same topic. Especially one where a developer actually responded :smile: