Regarding Caira (clickbait)

Caira is awesome, by far my favorite hunter to play, she’s always reliable and works against every monster. also by far my favorite as a character. I like her cheerful personality, her dialogue, her appearance I pretty much like everything about her :3

@TheDumbassGamer I knew it, noone can hate Caira like that :3

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She’s pretty awesome.

I don’t actually think that’s true, I like Caira don’t get me wrong but I found it harder to play against a kraken because when they’re at a distance I find it impossible to hit him with a a napalm grenade, but then when they’re closer it’s not bad

Well, Caira is a medic, a medic that focuses on pure healing. Her napalm damage is really bad anyway, doesn’t really matter if you can’t hit them.

True, very true, Caira is my favorite medic for personality but I like slim more for gameplay, also I have a question I’m trying to get two stars on Caira’s abilities and I’ve already done the other two I just need to do the healing grenade gun, it said revive eight hunter but I’ve revived them normally and that didn’t count and I tried using the healing grenades and I don’t know if it just didn’t work and someone else got to them first or if I’m supposed to be doing something I haven’t thought of, please help me

Try playing rescue with the capacity perk, that should make it easier to get :smiley:

Does it count towards Survivors?

Yes it does, that’s why it’s easier to get on rescue. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Gracias amigo

Someone else told me it doesn’t

I’m pretty sure it does. Keep in mind I already elited Caira in like the first week of launch so it’s kind of a long time ago. I’m 100% sure survivors count towards the elite mastery (heal multiple teammates with one grenade 900 times), so I’d assume survivors also count towards her second star mastery.

Wayt Watt?

I’m 100% sure about the elite mastery, not 100% sure about the second star mastery :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t question it, pretty can mean 100% percent if he wants it to, sorry if your a girl someone else called you a guy

Me or Moiser?
Isn’t Moiser a guy.

I was referring to moisire as a guy yes

It was spell checks faukt

Darn it now it’s failing me

Yes I’m a guy ^^, people wouldn’t jokingly say I like Caira a bit more than I should if I wasn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t sure so I didn’t want to offend you… And i kind of auto made you a girl in my mind because your profile pic is Caira and she’s a girl so my mind just made the link sorry

Not meant to be offensive

Don’t worry about it. I really like Caira that’s why I have her as a profile pic, I’m just weird like that.

Isn’t it so you can ogle her every time you get on the forums?