Regarding Caira (clickbait)

Oh wow a tattoo? I mean I really like Caira a lot and I mean a LOT, but a tattoo? Not sure if I would go that far, I mean if I would ever get a tattoo of Evolve it would probably be something related to her, but still that’s some dedication right there :smile:

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Scheduled for November 5th, made the appointment couple days ago and that’s the closest date I could get. Keep yo eyes peeled on that date I’ll be postin dem pics and expecting a like from you, cheers

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Well just take a look at the results, seems like I’m not the only one that thinks Caira isn’t trash :3

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You rang?!

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Someone wants to copy your tattoo lol jk

SON OF A B###H!!! Lol jk that’s cool :smile:


…and I should care?

You mean Hank? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hes the trashiest trash in the history of trash throughout the ages

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And when they unite, what do we call that, Quirkly?



I think cow is possibly my favorite out of all the moderates and then people, I still laugh at mooderator in chief, took me soong to notice, not sure if I laugh because I’m dumb or if because it’s actually funny

It’s funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Can confirm is funny.

How anyone could somehow come to the conclusion that the best medic in the game is trash is beyond me.

Actually at this point in the game Slim is actually believed to be the best Medic.

Yeh sure if you go full try-hard combo and bring a hank and a hyde with you. Otherwise he’s still garbage.

Going try hard really isn’t necessary to beat a monster as Slim.
Neither is Hyde.
Hank though.
It’s just horrifying.

Caira is a useful audition to the hunter team, and adds some positivity and comic relief to a otherwise serous situation. I know she’s not a positive as sunny, and not as good as slim, but she’s still in my top 5 hunters.

Same here.
But I like being mean to @moiser sooo