Regarding Caira (clickbait)

Because why don’t the people that want the poll make the poll.

If someone would tell me I’d do it, but I can’t figure out how


  • option 1
  • option 2

Replace () with []

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That can only be an option for Caira. :3

If you’re biased.

Do you put it after option 1 or do you replace it for option 1

You’re a moose now…

After seeing the majestic Battle Moose regiment parade on Canada day I decided I needed to honor them with a new profile pic.

You do them honor

I can only hope to live up to their standard.

Don’t touch my title.




What are you doing?

Tried to make a poll, I’m bad at it

You have to put

  • option
  • option
    And replace () with []

I tried, do I actually have to say option?

You forgot the space between the - and what you wanted to PUT

You don’t need to put option