Regarding Caira (clickbait)

Why do you always make the polls?

Because why not

Because why don’t the people that want the poll make the poll.

If someone would tell me I’d do it, but I can’t figure out how


  • option 1
  • option 2

Replace () with []

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That can only be an option for Caira. :3

If you’re biased.

Do you put it after option 1 or do you replace it for option 1

You’re a moose now…

After seeing the majestic Battle Moose regiment parade on Canada day I decided I needed to honor them with a new profile pic.

You do them honor

I can only hope to live up to their standard.

Don’t touch my title.




What are you doing?

Tried to make a poll, I’m bad at it

You have to put

  • option
  • option
    And replace () with []

I tried, do I actually have to say option?