Regarding Caira (clickbait)

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Hey man, how about you just let me like my favourite character and I let you like your favourite character? D:


Also the votes so far, I like them :3


You don’t know my favorite character.

I’m getting a tattoo of caira so I’m gunna go with not trash


Not gonna lie.
That scared me a bit.

If i get a tattoo it’s just gonna be the Evolve logo


the thing is… you dont let people their fav character… you always tell them how bad the character is

He lets me like Hyde because he knows my pain of being mocked and taunted <3

Wheres the option for “Trashiest trash in history of Trash”?


Well I mean I don’t endlessly bash other characters the way Caira gets bashed D:

That has already been done @boomboxer23 has the evolve footprint and text

its more about medics :stuck_out_tongue: i like hyde too <3

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Hyde is a bae
He takes up 90% of my freetime when drawing
buuuut Laz has taken the spotlight as of recent ;_;

Damnit i will be more creative my sister is in college for tattoos so she can do it for me

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Ofcourse I know how much you like Hyde, you like him just as much as I like Caira, I would never hate on Hyde :3

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He’s a big cuddly sweetheart.

Your a regular. You have brought a parade of ruin with this thread

jk i really don’t see an issue people are having a aggressive debate but they aren’t attacking each other

If anyone attacks anyone in this thread I will summon Cow.