Regarding buying skins (Psn)

So I’m looking at the store and i found the Jade Behemoth skin, and it looks AWESOME. I love green.

So I’m skimming through the store, specifically the bundles and certain classes. It seems all the assaults including Torvald have the Predator skins available, but not in a budget bundle. The same goes for Sunny in fact, but not Slim or crow (those skins must not be native to shear).

My question is, will wither the Jade Behemoth or the Predator skins be available in any kind of bundle? Obviously I’m trying to save money here and I’d like to get the best bang for my buck.

OH and the same for the Savage Wraith/Kraken skins as i already have Goliath.

What do you mean by the Predator skins? The Predator skins are Trapper only and were a reward for the St. Patrick’s Day Challenge.

Huh. I did not know this. Thank you for posting the picture.

Anyone at all even care about the subject?

Seeing as how those skins are not released yet on xbox, they might be coming out with bundles but I have no idea nor does anyone else on this forum seeing as we don’t work for Turtle Rock. I assume at some point they will be but your best bet at the moment is to ask a developer

Oh hey, PS4 got something before Xbox, I’m a little surprised and grateful. I’ve already seen some people with these skins in game and they look great.

Did you get those medic phoenix skins though? i think they gave every platform some skins before they release it to everybody

WARNING: The predator skins are becoming available in challenges. Do not purchase Predator skins until after each challenge has taken place. If you already have purchased them (like me) get in touch with 2K customer service to see if they are willing to reimburse their supporters (us). I will update this thread and the Another Community Challenge! Bucket Sentry Guns (Main Goal: Completed!) thread upon learning anything new. Thank you for your time.

They said that anyone who purchases will not get any refunds or reimbursements since they got to use the content early. I personally wasted $5.97, don’t make the same mistake!