Regarding Black_Aegis and The Future of Competitive Evolve


Hey guys,

I’m Nicky from StealthShampoo, co-caster alongside Black_Aegis for the Sunday Go4Evolve cups and a good portion of the ESL majors, among other events. I need to officially address a couple of concerns and rumors you guys may have heard regarding the future of competitive Evolve.

To put it bluntly, Black_Aegis will no longer be casting competitive Evolve. This is neither a rash nor hasty decision, as this is something he has discussed privately with me for at least a month now. His reasons, as I understand them, are his lack of interest in continuing to cast Evolve and his desire to grow in other fields.

Black_Aegis will be gone for while from Twitch and perhaps social media while he takes a minute reevaluating the next step in his Twitch career. I am uncertain as to the details on his return date.

What I can tell you is that I doubt he will disappear forever. I actually met with him in person just a few days ago for a private game session of Battleborn at the 2K offices, and rest assured we both see potential in that game moving forward.

I’m sure you’re wondering what this means for the future of competitive Evolve. Nothing is set in stone yet, but I am looking at continuing to work with TGL on Season 2 and pushing forward with the Go4Evolve cups. Production is underway, but again, nothing is certain at this time.

Please understand that quitting casting Evolve is a decision Black_Aegis made for himself, and he believes that it is the best possible decision for himself personally and as a direction for his channel. I did not try to stop him from leaving, I only made certain that his intent was not misplaced and that he was sure he wanted to proceed as he does.

Know that I am not going anywhere. StealthShampoo does however, operate individually from 2K, TRS, and ESL. I will try to support competitive Evolve to the best of my ability in the foreseeable future, while continuing to do what I think is best for my channel, playing the games and creating the content that I would like to create.

If you have any questions, the best place to get in contact with me is on Twitter, @StealthShampoo.

And just so things are clear, although I am posting on Black_Aegis’ behalf, I believe that he would agree with everything I have stated above. If he has anything to add, we will let you know. He will be unavailable to answer questions for a while, so I will do the best I can myself.

This is not the end, it is simply how we are moving forward.

Nicky Violet from StealthShampoo


Although Black_Aegis can’t be replaced, we are looking for someone to try to fill his spot. Check out this thread:

Does trs need a new caster?

Gah, I’m going to miss Aegis. Even though I haven’t been showing up for a while now.


I think @MaddCow would be great, he has a huge understanding of Evolve and its players.


This is very sad to hear and a huge loss to the competitive scene. I don’t blame him though. Good luck with battleborn guys.


Oh thats to bad, oh well.


there are no sundaycups without dan


@moiser <3 :smiley:


This was his choice though so what is there to bring him back to when he simply doesn’t want to do it.


It’s like Jparty all over again.




It’s not the same. It will never be the same.

~cries internally~


Sad day… but people move on, i always kinda felt that his heart was not into it.


Wish the best for him <3


Shame Aegis was unable or unwilling to post this himself, makes it all more odd.

As much as I’ve grumbled at the over focus on competitive EVOLVE to the detriment of everything else, Aegis really made competitive great to watch with his casting style, knowledge and just sheer likeability.

Depending on what will happen next will probably make me no longer watch with remaining casting choice.

Do wish Aegis all the good fortune and luck for his future plans.


Oh no. :frowning:

Black_Aegis actually stated in a twitch stream that the matches with Kraken time and time again were getting dull. All matches went the same way. I can totally understand that. It’s a shame that only Kraken (and Wraith) are viable in the competitive scene. :confused:

Thanks for all the casting and good luck with your next project! It was an honor to watch you cast. :bucket_salute:


I think I will miss him. Watching the tournaments on Sunday live or on Monday after became sort of a routine for me by now. Something has to fill in that hole.


He can thank his friends at TRS balance team for that.
And yeah it’s a shame he’s quitting, because so far he was the only caster who seemed to know what’s happening in the game and commenting on actual game-play rather than talking about himself or making “jokes” non stop.


I wish him all the best … I’m not sure if I will continue watching Sunday ESL live anymore.


i stopped watching the sunday cups a few weeks ago (atm i just watch like one game and then leave the channel). it was just boring and the waiting time was ridiculous sometimes. i don’t think nicky doesn’t know whats happening @sushi, just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean he is doing a bad job. imo he is doing a good job, the games are just too boring and repetitive.


I will miss Dan! Very well put Nicky! I understand his decision, we all gotta take that leap out of the comfort zone once in a while to see where life takes us!


Well it appears reports of Aegis’ quitting have been grossly exaggerated…

He is currently hosting Sunday Cupwith ‘I quit when I say I quit’ big and loud on stream.

Someone got some explaining to do!


The age of aegis continues! :smiley: I’m so happy he is continuing. :slight_smile:

Welcome back! :bucket_salute: