Regarding all the people freaking out about the solo hunter system


Honestly, I’m only making this to point out a couple of things.

One: I want to point out that they’ve had the system itself (although likely not the exact same numbers) in the game since patch 2.01 (quoted from Insane_521)

Two: People are coming out of the woodwork to complain that the game is “unplayable for Monster” since patch 2.06. I would like to tell those people that from patch 2.04 until 2.06, we had:

Rank 1 (Max Party Size of Three)

Max Health Modifier 3.2%
Movement Speed Modifier 0%
Jetpack Recharge Modifier 0%

** Rank 2 (Max Party Size of Two)**
. Max Health Modifier 13%
. Movement Speed Modifier 7%
. Jetpack Recharge Modifier 7%

Rank 3 (All Solo Hunters)
. Max Health Modifier 20%
. Movement Speed Modifier 7%
. Jetpack Recharge Modifier 7%

Don’t believe me? Patch 2.04 notes state

Which means that the numbers they were tuning have been in the game for nearly exactly 3 weeks.

Now I understand, you didn’t know these changes existed and you are at least slightly miffed about it because you checked the 2.06 Patch Notes and found out the numbers below:

But let me tell you, that was just them tuning up the system, and showing everyone so that they would know exactly what your reaction is and they can figure out what people can handle and tune from there.

In conclusion, before you make “Monster unplayable, Hunters OP due to increases” I would like for you to take a moment and consider:

For 3 weeks before August 16, you were already fighting Hunters that had those increases and you simply did not know. They only slightly tweaked those numbers to try and bring them in line with their ideal. We will be seeing more tweaks in order to find a balance.

Please do not panic (: thank you for your consideration.

Edit: someone farther down mentioned… yesterday I think, that my quote from 2.04 where I have the “Additional tuning for solo player matchmaking”, is quite vague and open to interpretation. I admit that yes, it is vague but my interpretation of that quote is that it was a change to their solo matchmaking system numbers that they didn’t announce yet. Feel free to think i’m wrong because as stated, it is very vague.

Thanks again for your time and consideration.


@Takran if you or another person with title editing abilities can think up a less lengthy or more fitting title, i wouldn’t mind if you changed it (:


I can see why people are against the core principle of behind-the-scenes variable tweaks as I’m opposed to it myself as well.

But you’re right, it’s pretty funny to see everyone freak out over something they only know just now even though it had already been the case for a while.

I do think your understanding of his quote is a little far fetched though regarding the “Additional tuning for solo player matchmaking”.
It might’ve just as likely meant minor matchmaking optimization tweaks that were too random to get into detail about.


I mean, there was nothing else to tune at 2.04. They had already fixed party monsters, and all of the bugs that matchmaking had (at the time) so to me the only thing they could be tweaking would be the system that no one knew about at the time, which is why it was vague.

Though because it is vague, it does leave it open to interpretation. I don’t think I’ll be removing it from my post as it is my interpretation, but when i get back to my PC I’ll edit it to reflect the vague/interpretation stuff.


According to the original post from @mizx this system has been in place since 2.01.


The real thing biting monsters arse are

-hunters learned to play
-hunters have more and better perks

This is now slowly showing. Not the number tweaking, that’s just the icing.

TRS what are you doing?

Sigh. I don’t know if the slight percentage upgrade to the JP boost and recharge explains why pub hunters seem to stick to me like flypaper. I can barely evolve past stage 1 right now, never mind reaching stage 3, against a half-decent team.

edit: a team that has no sunny, that is. i wouldn’t be surprised if the team has a sunny, but even low-mobility teams seem to stick like glue now


Yeah, I’ve got a dev quote in the OP actually, about it being in since 2.01. Thank you for trying to help (:


Another 4%-5% movement, jetpack, & health is a huge boost.

Since ~2.04 i’ve been losing way too much as monster, now I only play hunter which is usually an easy win even though i’m terrible at it. I know i’m only a decent monster at best, but that is why there is matchmaking, isn’t it? Some games are absurdly unbalanced, when you are helpless as Monster it is a horrible experience.


Except they weren’t slight tweaks at all, they were substantial additions.


They were substantial additions when they added them into the game.

They slightly tweaked them in the last patch.


Placebo effect is too strong for this community to handle.
‘i know there is bonus=bonus is root of all evil and my losses’

It is funny to see but It is nature of casual gamers,loss is never theyr misstake.

Also to your OP point
: There were nerfs every week to hunter along those solo buffs,maggie dps is 50% of what it was 3 weeks ago

So many hunters are half as strong as 3 weeks ago

This game was not this monster-favored for long time!





Yeah. Fully read my op if you think I’m kidding


Could you give an example of one of the additions that was substantial, as you say?


Take the movement speed full-solo buff (7%->12% jetpack charge and runspeed). Aside from the fact that it was almost doubled, which is hardly a ‘slight tweak’ you have to consider the monster’s speed advantage over the hunters. How much faster is the monster? I don’t know, let’s say it’s 150% of hunter speed for argument’s sake.

Based on that number, the original 7% buff removes 14% of the monster’s speed advantage. The 5 percentage point increase in the latest patch is another 12% decrease in that advantage over the last patch. Which are you going to feel more, a 14% loss in distance when the hunters can’t keep up at all, or a 12% loss when they are already kinda sorta almost keeping up?

Health has a similar tipping point, a point where the monster in practice simply cannot kill the hunters. Where exactly that point is depends on the relative skill of the monster and hunters, but seemingly small buffs will have bigger and bigger effects at you approach the tipping point. If the tipping point is again 150% and the buff brings you up to 149% (hunters unkillable without perfect play), then a 1 percentage point increase (OMG such tiny tweak wow no effect at all etc) would be all you would need to bring them from very very hard to kill to literally impossible to kill.

Well, I think all the “omg playing monster is impossible now” threads are just salty monsters who aren’t as good as they thought they were, but this is how the numbers actually work.

tl;dr: 0%->5% is actually a smaller change than 20%->25% and you don’t have to go as far as you think to break the game.


Imagine a vegetarian eating a yummy sandwich and enjoying it.

Then you tell him there’s meat on it.

He spits it out and screams: “Eww, I can’t eat that!!! I hate this sandwich!”

Yep, that's what some forum members act like atm ^^ They were fine playing with the solo queue buffs for a while and all of a sudden they don't like it anymore? Nothing really has changed. Those 5% more movement and health since 2.06 won't suddenly make a monster lose all his games.

Is it harder to stomp pubs as a monster now? Yes, but that’s how it should be.


Best, thing I’ve ever read on this forum.


They’re still trying to find the proper balance. Obviously they think we needed that or it wouldn’t have happened. However, if it does break the game, they’ll tune it. If they get the numbers right where they want them, they’ll leave it.

They’re attempting to get everything to a 50% winrate. “Attempting” anyway. Maybe one day they will but right now it’s just an ongoing and outright irritating process.

/rant over


i still want to have access to this numbers myself…