Refund for people, who actually bought the game and season passes?


Like seriously, it’s nice that its now f2p but I want my fucking money back, I paid full price on the release date and some of the DLC that I bought, and now I feel scammed, this game is now free to play for everyone…

What do we get ? Some skins lol and free ‘content’ which I already fucking owned lol

Filling your pockets and when the boat goes down, you end up scamming the people who bought the game full priced!!



Thanks for your opinion, there are some other threads on this subject I’ll link to shortly, but the tone of this post is unacceptable.


Just to add to what nia said, this is what you get as a ‘founder’.

Founders get extra stuff down the line so it’s not just a case of getting what you initially paid for instantly. :slight_smile: