Refuelling Map Glitch - Dome Walls remain after Dome falls


Just had a rematch against US team of hunters. As you can see the match starts well for me, take out 2, before the others scatters but then this happens…

As you can see, Behemoth can’t roll into the cave where I planned to go stage 2. Literally blocked from walking/rolling in. Then prevented from climbing around.

When the 2nd dome hits, same again…once dome drops unable to roll away and climbing is glitched during encounter and my Behemoth just destroyed.

Just glad it didn’t cost me too many points, but of my 9 losses in Hunt, 6 been through glitched/crashed games.

So is it a map glitch, Dome glitch or has Bob returned to his bugfest ways?

happened to me as well, while playing as a wraith in the area mode.

Has to be a dome glitch :slight_smile:

Saw this happen to a Goliath on RT. So it’s not exclusive to Bob.