Refueling Tower stuck in a box with the Goliath



So last night on Refueling Tower I was playing Ciara and was positioning myself for a stage 3 defense in the sort of courtyard below of the power relay. I used my Jet pack to fly up to a high ledge but as I was mid flight - the box prop that contains a Goliath swung and collided with me. I got trapped inside the cage with the Goliath!! :smile:

I do apologise to the Wraith we were fighting as she must have thought I was using dirty tactics. I was able to heal by shooting grenades through the bars and we won.

I think you either need to disable collision detection on the floor of the box, or give the passive Goliath some AI and let him eat his cell mate.

Anyway, just thought I’d report it.


Yeah, a couple of others got this. Myself included.

Cabot is godlike in there. O_o You can get a clear shot at the relay through that wall…