"Refueling tower" is unwinnable for the monster! Please change the map!


Hi guise…

as topic suggests the map “Refueling tower” is unwinnable for the monster against a hunter team who abuses the map.

In specific this means that it is extremely easy to camp the door from which you can look directly at the generator.

Explicitly the following happens…

  • A monster level 3 can never kill the generator as long as any hunters are alive because the hunters sit outside of the door and just poke the monster when it tries to hit the generator

  • If the monster then tries to engage the hunters outside of said door there is quite a bit of travel distance between the generator location and exiting the door. This allows the hunters to back off early / mine the area.

  • In addition to that, outside of said door there are 2 small but very high pillars which hunters can abuse by running circles aroun d it and going up and down and the pillars themselves are hard to stand on as monster and can also again be mined.

  • This is made even worse against characters who can use any form of steralth - especially when Lazarus is added the team has 2 people who can go invisible and take turns camping the door and hitting once if the monster shoudl attack the generator

  • In the end the timer runs out.

The main problem is the distance between the generator and the hunters outside of the door and the fact that they can always have line of sight and back off early.

The map is literally unwinnable against a team who understands how to abuse the generator`s location.

Please change the generator to be located elsewhere. Even if this is not represented in your map data yet it will be a thing once people learn the map.


Maybe just kill them at stage 2 instead? that will ruin their fun lol.


i only have 1 or 2 total losses as monster so far and i’m sure this wasn’t one of the ones i’ve lost on.

yes i’ve won this map at least 3 times as kraken and wraith. (i dont enjoy goliath, favour kraken)

from start rush to top right corner.

as you go use warp blast for transport/killing or level 3 vortex

take feeding speed

only evolve when you know for sure you just passed the hunters (doubling back on yourself and going right next to the hunters is a sure way to gain 10 seconds)


I almost never go to stage 3. Stage 2 is way more fun.


You are not saying anything related to my post - routing or anything IS NOT the problem. Please learn to read before you post random crap that is entirely unrelated.

The problem is the location of the generator and that it can not be destroyed.


tz destroying the reactor fight them


all of my what

it’s telling that i’m a top100 player and i have literally no idea where the power generator is; and you’re whining about the power generator and you aren’t.

just kill them or weaken them before you get to stage 3. use the power generator as an ambush. don’t get ambushed.

and to be fair, sniffing is like 30% of winning. you can see where support or med is when they land. also if they cloak and you cant see them watch for their jetpack. you have no idea how afraid people get when not even a cloak can stop them getting batted out of the air with a tentacle. one team just stopped using their cloaks because it was useless against me.

you said the map was impossible to win. power generator is last resort, and i often 99% kill it THEN kill the hunters, just to add insult to injury. another funny one is leaving daisy for a minute

the only time you should go to power gen really is when you kill 3 and 1 gets away. at this point i often evolve (i usually get stage 3 in this situation only, otherwise i leave it even if i have the points.)

the 1 will come to you and you can warp blast or traverse to him depending on what monster. ALWAYS POUNCE LAST MAN, POUNCE WORKS VS CLOAKS


The Generator can be destroyed. If you are trying to destroy the generator while hunters are nearby, it’s not going to work on any map. The generator objective is more of a target of opportunity. If you cant win by destroying the objective, then you should try to kill the hunters instead. Try different strategies, you may find one that works better. I personally have destroyed this generator multiple times against my fellow QA testers, and they know the maps better than anyone right now.


Alright, if thats how it was intended its fine i guess…

Thanks for the official response.

Would still appreciate if you could ask your QA buddies to abuse the whole area with mines and invisibility and try it again some time. Imo its not viable (or at least extremely hard) to go after the hunters who do nothing but deny generator attacks and run away. (except for wraith maybe because he chases really well)



Well, one of the “journalists” from IGN did against the bots- which, might I add, are frickin scarily good- by destroying the relay. So, yeah. It’s not too hard.


High pillars are a boon to Monsters, not Hunters: they can make Domes next to worthless when Monsters hide and run on them.

The Monster is easily capable of chasing down a Hunter attacking them at the generator.

Also, destroy mines with ranged attacks like firebreath when able - you should have no trouble what-so-ever at Stage 3 with full armor and high enough health.

Regardless of map, a Stage 3 Monster is at a huge advantage if their health isn’t extremely low.