Refueling Tower Goliath

Not sure if its a bug or not but I don’t think so.

Everyone knows the caged up Goliath on the map “Refueling Tower” right? Anyway, I noticed something today. I sat on the building across from the Goliath and just watched him as Laz. My team proceeded to chase the Savage skin Goliath and fail to dome him so I just chilled watching the Goliath. But I noticed something, when the player Goliath evolved to S2 so did the Goliath in the cage.

Even weirder, the caged Goliath took the appearance of the player’s Goliath, skin and all. Even when the player ate meats the caged Goliath glowed like it had armor and the glow fainted away when the actual Goliath took damage. If the Goliath lost permanent HP then the caged Goliath gained bullet wounds and full body gashes. Identical to the player Goliath.

Why I don’t think this is a glitch is because once the Goliath evolved to S3 the caged Goliath stayed S2 and kept the player’s skin, not only that but all his battle-scars went away. Even if this is a glitch I don’t want it patched because its so weird and its such a cool glitch. I also took a picture of the Savage skinned caged Goliath:


You are drunk, go home

Im definetly gonna have to check this out when I can! Nice find :ok_hand:

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I had a different glitch with it when I was playing as Slim, if you shoot a spore cloud grenade through the cage from the side closest to the wreckage portion of the map, the grenade flies all over the place on the other side. Im not sure if this still happens, but it was weird.

So is it practically counting it as a monster?

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Mm, interesting.

We should test this out sometime…

I kinda have to bump this over to the Bugs section even though it’s awesome…they have to know. Sorry mate.

I’ve told my friends in the past; if you want to try something, or play with me, all you have to do is PM me on Steam. ^.^
I’d help you try it out if you wish. :smile:

Let’s hope they don’t change it then. ^.^
It’s neat, and not a bug that should be fixed imo. :wink:

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Daawww! Compassionate little Goly! He knows how his bro feels.

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Wait… this has bugged me for a while… (pun fully intended) in the canon description it says Goliath can punch through the hull of a spaceship. How did they trap one then?

Kryptonite or something like that. Gotta ask Val.

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Goliathman confirmed?!?

I think they will look at the issue, then determine if they can let it slide. To me it sounds like the Goliath in the cage is mirroring the monster player…so that could potentially, maybe, lead to unknown issues. But, that said, if there are no problematic issues found then I say leave it be, that’s pretty awesome!

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