Refound? or something?


Hello there…
some time ago i bought evolve… and i dont mind to have it in library… but just today i´ve read, that you will be shuting down servers at September. So whats point to have non-playable game there? Someone could call it stealing… so i would love to ask about refound or somethin…



For one, it you were even able to get a refund, it would be through 2K.

Still I’m almost positive you’re past the point of return. Especially in the gaming world, there’s no arguement to be made, as almost guaranteed in the terms and services you agreed to, there’s some sort of short term return stipulation.

So in short, barking up the wrong tree, and you won’t get your refund, sorry.

@TheMountainThatRoars personally I don’t see this thread creating any positive conversation or purpose, maybe closesble, but not my call!!


The purchased version of Evolve will still be playable, and you have had plenty of time to get value out of the game. If you have a physical copy, you can trade it in if you wish.



As @Jayrob2k72 said you’d need to reach out to the publisher, 2K if you are interested in a refund. TRS would be unable to help you.

Please contact the 2K support team and good luck!