REFERENDUM for Hunters


It would be much better to know what a monster it before the match starts, because of the real hunters know a priori which beasts hunt, in other words the hunters choose the right equipment for a given prey, hence the Evolve hunters they should know in advance what the monster will have to hunt, so choose the hunter with the right equipment for hunt that particular monster.


This would be a huge disadvantage to the monster as hunters would always counter pick.


Hmm, I don’t think this would work. It’s unfair for the monster, because if the hunters know what they will be against they will choose the characters that are the best against the monster, making it repetetive. It will also take away the whole aspect of ‘adapting to each monster in different combinations’.

I hope that makes sense.


We will see the same comb over and over again for specific monster

It’s disadvantage for monsters

If the monster can ban 1 hunter from each class . I am all for it


Sounds like someone needs to play in a few tournaments :stuck_out_tongue: Its not Double Blind there :wink:


I naturally believe that Cabot will surely cataloged in advance the monsters do not believe that a good captain as Cabot ,starts on a hunting expedition in the dark


Lorewise maybe, but this is an online game, we can’t have such advantages.


Most premade teams fight the same Monsters over and over again. Most of those play the same Monster over and over again.
So basicly for SOME Hunters against SOME Monsters, this already is in place. Which is why I would be in favor of having it for all Hunters and all Monsters, while simultanously giving the Monster other advantages to balance this out.

I’ve made a suggestion about this just recently, where the advantage of the Monster would be

  • picking the Map
  • seeing the Hunters pick their characters to possibly adapt ability points and perk (more picking time for Monster)
  • potentially even always bad weather to favor the Monster


Again, this suggested change is far too Hunter favored.


Markov actually says that there is no time for reconnaissance on these missions, I believe its in a dialogue with val. The hunters also dont get a lot of information from colonists, since any colonist that actually sees the monster likely ends up too dead to inform them of what it was.


How about this:

-the hunters get to know which monster they are NOT fighting against (a random one is selected)
-in exchange, the monster gets to ban a hunter or two (not per class)



That’s just too complicated.


Imagined Goliath with a comb over.


My friends and I keep a book and we write down the names of the player, what monster they pick, and then write down their strategy. That’s how we counter pick.


bruh how many people are in that book?


Many over 100



Me and my friends use to talk about this what we came up with is assult and medic are picked then monster and then trapper and support it would work for both sides to get a counter pick but will never happen.


Have you watched TGL, BattleFY 1.0, ESL, QuickShot, Survival Saturdays or any other tournament?
They all use different ban systems that you can easily reference. You’re referring to ESL standard


I think most or all monsters would need serious buffs due to counter picking.

Over all, bad idea.

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