References to a New Playable SI Found in Game Files


Last year, Turtle Rock Studios (creators of L4D1) Developer Chris Ashton released the files to their unfinished campaign, tentatively called Dam It: Buried by the Flood. We’ve been digging through these files for a while, and made some interesting discoveries including the existence of two new incomplete tier 3 weapons, the Heavy Shotgun and Heavy Rifle.

Recently, however, beta community member Mr. Sangheili checked into certain files that we overlooked, and found references to a new playable special infected: The Queen. Unfortunately, the entire extent that we know of this new SI is only through the file paths it would have used:



Weapon Script:





The second file gives away that this new SI would have been playable – files in the format of “weapon_xyz.txt” in the scripts folder are usable items only, so The Queen is not an uncommon zombie or unplayable boss like The Witch. What are your thoughts on this?

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Omg, I wonder if we’ll ever find out anything more. This is pretty amazing stuff even after all the time.


The Queen from the name alone sounds like she could’ve been a boss infected or an infected with minions, ala Host and Gorgon. Wasn’t Gorgon also referenced as a queen?


Well there was “a” queen Gorgon in S2, yeah. A summoner in L4D could be brutal if that was the case.


Maybe @SlabOMeat or @MacMan could give us some more context on this. :wink: Also while we’re here I would be interested to ask about the Screamer - They say there were no models found. I am curious if you guys ever did make a very early model or just used a placeholder? Or did he never get past concept art?


Man, it’s been quite a while and I can’t be 100% sure, but the Queen may have been an early name for the Witch…we did all kinds of experiments with the various infected and their abilities, hard to keep track of all the iterations and changes.

The Screamer model was never made, the Screamer functionality was injected into the Boomer’s vomit before we got that far.


See, I thought that could be the case because of the following:

And her weapon.

Was the Witch originally going to be playable?


We tried it. It was determined that the witch was, in ideal circumstances, way too OP to be playable…in most other circumstances she just wasn’t any fun to play… just sitting there waiting to be triggered sucked, and witch executions made a large portion of the remaining time majorly disappointing.


Someone replied to this when I was referring them to your comment.

In my opinion, this doesn’t seem right. The Dam was made very well after L4D’s release after all. Keeping this apparent early/alpha witch in the game directories seems irrational when it would be rendered obsolete by the retail witch (or if not, conflict with it).

Also, please keep in mind these “queen” directories were only found in The Dam’s campaign maps, and not the survival maps included with it (which, by the way, I was told were meant to be shipped with The Sacrifice), or any other maps in L4D.



10 mehs


Eh, they may be right. It was a long time ago and I don’t have an encyclopedic memory, hence the preface “I can’t be 100% sure,” Still, pretty awesome to see so folks so jazzed about the OG L4D. @MacMan might remember.


Or… You could go the route of putting Evolve and L4D in the same universe (different time periods though).

The queen was just Kala learning to time travel, and traveling back to the L4D-era zombie apocalypse.

Would be pretty sick to have the TRS-verse.