Reduce Val's capacity


I feel like after the last balance update Val is at a very good position but she still has a problem with how effective she is.

The Medgun is kind of OP right now, it has sustain which I like but it can heal multiple people better than Caira. Which makes Caira look like a poor choice.

What I would like the medgun to have is a smaller capacity, this way she can still heal a single target better than Caira but the capacity makes it so that she can’t keep the whole them up(Multiple teamates)better than Caira can.

The change shouldn’t be something too big, just a small nudge in the right direction.


Just wait for Rogue Val. I’m still anticipating ridiculous OP-ness from her and Blitz Markov.

But yes, I feel she could do with less capacity given the fact she was given capacity when she had bad heals but now she has the capacity and good heals. It’s a nightmare.


Shredder, please don’t convince people of OP-ness before release. It’s bad enough there will be 20 OP threads on the first day.


Dude, we have Val now who is already ridiculously strong as is (not OP except for tranqs negating MS) and now we’re getting a Val who can group heal, passively heals herself, regens 75% on healburst, and does decent damage.

She looks terrifying.

Next we have Blitz Markov who increases damage over time, has mines that increase damage over time, and generally looks very powerful. Three maxed mines can take out a Behemoth’s full armor as shown by @MaddCow.

He looks terrifying.

So far T5 has been balanced so I’m holding out hope they aren’t OP but they look like they definitely have the potential to be God-Tier.

Also, sorry for the de-rail.


I hope Rogue Val won’t be too OP, it seems getting rid of RV is more straight forward. Get her to use up that heal burst and just kill the support and then go straight to her.

I know it sounds easier said then done, but I hope she wouldn’t bee too OP or UP when she comes out.

As for Blitz Markov I do think he’s kind of OP from what we saw on stream, he should have a longer time for the damage to multiply.

I wonder what would Val on Capacity would be like, off to try it out I go.


The thing you think is OP about Val is notably absent in Rogue Val. Her chain heal is weaker than Val’s single heal. Her Heal Burst is the only thing that she can heal herself with, and the passive (which appears to be minimal healing) is an incentive to not use the Self-heal. She looks balanced to me. If they’ve got the numbers right she’ll be fine.


Val perk on Capacity is OP. Needs a nerf.


Her heal is still strong as hell and given her immense strength on her HB she looks a lot stronger to me.

That’s another thing I’m afraid of.


R. Val’s healburst’s passive switches off when she’s popped HB. Probably does not stack with health reg either


I think I remember @MaddCow saying it didn’t stack, but I could be wrong about that. Or maybe it was her med gun doesn’t stack with her aoe auto-heal o.0 I tend to remember things incorrectly if its been longer than a day or two XD From a hunter’s perspective, I hope it all stacks for some OP val goodness :smiling_imp:


Yep. People are over-reacting, from what I’ve seen. Her healing is lower from what I can tell, so without that passive health regen the rest of the team are in a situation much like they were when it was Val back in Patch version 3ish, not able to take on a sustained monster assault.

Monster will not have to worry about tranqs, will potentially have hunters more grouped up to take advantage of Rogue’s unique style of healing, and as long as the monster bashes Rogue around a bit will have hunters in some of the worst healing potential outside of Laz.

Teams that are good at juking will be horrible for monsters, giving Rogue more time to concentrate on damage while still actually healing up the team, but put pressure on Rogue and the house of cards will threaten to tumble fast.


I like that her healing buffs actually makes her viable when stacked up against Caira unlike at launch where it was only Caira and occasionally lazarus. Nothing I hate more than a character not being used after so much hard work is put in, I made a point of eliting Val first thing.

Though I do find it fun how the first medic new players have is one of the most challenging and not likely to have them wanting to play medic


I think that was their thought with Val. Making her more useful for competitive games. The go-to for awhile was simply Caira. The only ones who didn’t pick her simply wanted to try to be different, but if it was a clinch match then typically Caira was picked. Same thing for picking kraken during the CC fiasco :smirk: Logical though since she has the best heal potential for awhile. The val variation and her recent boost is probably to give more variety with end game/tourney players.


Ya its was boring cause I always knew who the medic was gonna be and could plan accordingly. Her combined with maggie was the meta for quite a while if I remember correctly and it was really annoying/boring to play againt