Reduce the time it takes to start up the game


The time it takes to go from double clicking on the .exe to launch Evolve to actually getting into the matchmaking que is pretty long. It’s mandatory cutscenes in the beginning. Also, the time i takes to close out of the game and go back to desktop is quite long. You have to hit escape over and over, confirm that you want to exit, confirm it AGAIN…after you’ve waited for the UI animations to play out… it takes so long that sometimes I just hit alt+f4 because I don’t have time for that.

Yes it’s flashy. Yes it looked cool the first time. But after you go through this process over and over… it’s obviously inefficient.

Maybe you guys can’t cut down the time it takes to get into the game because of some legal agreement to show the NVIDIA intro and the TRS intro but yeah… maybe next time allow us to get into the action a little quicker, and definitely make it easier to quit to desktop in a shorter timeframe than what we’ve got going on right now.


Dunno what your talking about. Maybe it’s a Computer thing maybe?

SeXbox is fairly fast although the Hunter vs Monster Intro kinda bugs out but otherwise it’s about as fast as any other game.

And quitting Evolve is as simple as ‘Dashboard and Quit App’.


[quote=“Major_Warrior, post:2, topic:80402”]
Dunno what your talking about. Maybe it’s a Computer thing maybe?
[/quote]I get it on Xbox as well as PC.

First it has the whole monster puddle foot thing, then the nVidia thing, then the triple logo thing, THEN it begins the intro cutscene, then after a half second you skip it, it begins loading, then it loads in, you hit multiplayer, it connects to servers, then you head to the MM queue and…Weeeeeeeeeell.


Well, you’re playing a video game. Is it really considered time wasted?

I admit, I get bored in the ~fifteen seconds it takes to start up, but still, not much to be done. On PC, though, you can skip a lot of the intro stuff. The servers connecting is something else, entirely, though.


Hmm… maybe I don’t notice it because I’m busy setting up twitch or looking about on the forums on my Tablet.

I mean really my only problem is the intro. The video kinda bugs out and the audio sounds… like… well kinda like it’s crashing for a few seconds at times.


Hmm? Why was that directed towards me? I’m on Xbox One not PC.

I’d like to get a good working Gaming PC so I can expand my options and streaming to YouTube with many other games but I’m limited as of now.

Although a lot of people liked my Alien Isolation Nightmare play through… although maybe they loved my screams more than me…


Same for me, this is annoying.



…then it crashes.


I dunno, I was at school so I guess I had a major-minor brain fart.


Hey! You used “major” in relativity to brain farts!

I find this offensive cuz I’m sensitive!




I don’t think they are allowed to remove those, and the cutscene is something to watch while you connect.


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