Reduce the screen shaking of behemoths, when a hunter

its superbly frustrating having to not only fight the fat sob in all his sob glory and body blocking. :stuck_out_tongue:

He already moves the hunters around a lot, he doesn’t need to add an extra level of frustration of them not being able to see anything. Part of what made Sunny and Torvald so frustrating to play against in their earlier days was how crazy they made the monster’s screen shake, apparently Bob can do this dumn thing too.

list things that makes you shake like miley’s buutayy in rave party

  • Roll attacks, apparently getting hit when bob is rolling at you shakes your screen. Push back, damage, shakes = overkill
  • All of his abilities. XD Only one I’m sure doesn’t shake the screen is tongue grab but that ability is fair enough I think atm.
    • The ease of using them now and their initial damage are at a good level, so having them shake the hunters screen is just taking it a step too far.
  • when he sits on you and pounds his fist in your face
  • not sure how prominent this is compared to the other monsters but I do feel this a lot.

Please reduce the screen shakes guys, if possible remove them all together.

I really don’t think it’s a big deal. It lasts for only a moment, plus Behemoth is such a large target you could hit him even if your hand had a twitch.