Reduce Sunnys drone hp


I wanted to make a thread dedicated purely to what the title says. It takes too long to destroy the drone as monster. about 5 melees as Goliath. a direct hit with a 2 star leap smash wont destroy it in 1 go either, nor will a 3 star lava bomb instantly (it will after about 7 seconds). It then only takes 8 seconds to set up again. That combined with its crazy range makes it extremely frustrating to play against. I feel as though it needs a trade off because atm it doesn’t have one.

Decrease its hp and increase slightly its set up time (it depends on how much health it has) is what i think may work.
Half its range and slightly increase set up time. (not what i would do, but im no Dev)

Sunnys shield drone is almost as good as hanks sheild
And Sunnys jetpack boost is just as good if not better than hanks shield

Of cause this is just my opinion but i do believe others agree on similar lines.
I dont think sunnys weapon should be decrease in damage as it wouldn’t make much sense for a mini nuke to do very little damage. I also dont think that would fix the issue.

This is from a player who loves playing Support and Monster.
Regards EIectron


Everyone seems to want this nerf it seems. I suppose I’m alright with it. Won’t change my gameplay much.


Macman said that they will probaly make this nerf


I just hit one with a point blank rock throw- fully maxed out- and it lived. O_o


That sounds like a bug to me, I know for a fact they can be killed by a single Vortex.




Vortex at Level 3 does less damage than Leap Smash at level 2, does it not?


Correct by all accounts, check out


He said to focus strikes on the Trapper. -_- Which is true to an extent but I’d rather go into a final fight on lower health but with strikes on the Medic than go in with higher health and strikes on Trapper.


drone confirmed to be to stronk!


Nah it probably just clipped on a nanometer thick twig. Or it just bugged out and did no damage. Happens.


Heh, yeah… his opinions on some things are definitely just plain bad, but I use it mainly for the number references (health, ability damage, that kind of thing).