Reduce Kraken Damage Towards Downed Hunters


I love Kraken. I really do. He’s my ‘Go-to’ Win monster whenever I play monster, and ever since recently I prided myself on my perfect win streak with him(Over 40 wins without a loss.) But, upon continued playing with after the recent patch, it’s become clear to me that he is by far the strongest monster now, and for reasons not a lot seem to realize: His ability to camp a downed hunter with almost no penalty due to his flight and range. When dismantling a team in high level play, it’s important to make sure that once a hunter is downed to either A: Kill that hunter outright(Unless Laz) or B: Bait other hunters to going for a revive so you can get easy hits on them for another down and take the game from there(2 hunters downed against a Kraken quickly spells GG for hunters). Unlike Goliath, Wraith, and even Behemoth, the Kraken suffers NO penalty for pulling off this strat due to his flight and ranged abilities, while the others expose themselves to one area.

So while I love Kraken and support either the other monsters being buffed or him being nerfed just a hair back in line with the others, I think an appropriate nerf would be to reduce the damage he deals to downed players by about 50%. This encourages a different style of play and for him to not gain so much of an uncounterable advantage over the hunters then the other monsters.



NEVER cybersquidarmy wont allow that


I disagree if they did this they would have to do it with all of them. If they went down that just means your good


I’m not saying reduce the damage of the Kraken towards hunters walking about, I’m saying reduce the damage of Kraken towards downed hunters. You already get a reward for downing a hunter in terms of a strike, but with Kraken it’s very, very easy to turn that single down into a death compared to other monsters.


Too bad. Spidey chars


I’m not sure about the solution but you did identify one of Kraken’s current issues. He is getting toned down a bit next patch but hopefully not too much. He’s mostly in a good spot but is a little too strong atm.


I think banshee mines are a big part of this. They knock back hunters, deal big damage, and have a low cooldown. Maybe make it so they are popped by pistols or arent attracted to downed hunters.


Yeah, it’s annoying as hell, one of the strategies that most Kraken players do is to downed the trapper first( use all his abilities on him) and then start flying spamming the long range melee attack to the downed trapper so nobody can revive him and since nobody can put him down( that’s the trapper’s job) he can just stay in the air and spam that melee without receiving any significant damage.


Whats with all the nerf kraken threads… it’s like people are literally wanting to make the monster races are un-fun/un-winnable/un-playable as possible.

ANY monster can change a KD to a kill in seconds. But you only get what: 2 minutes of peace and maybe an evolve until you’re back at it. And there’s HOW many ways of stopping this?

hank shield, sunny shield, healing nades, healing beam, healing bug, aoe claok, ressurection device… All to stop a monster from overly-picking on a single hunter. How much HARDER do you want it to be for a monster to kill a hunter???

I played a match yesterday that I joined too late to pick a character. it was val, hank(me), crow, and torvald vs. the wraith.

We won. without losing a single person! How? When torvald was attacked, he had a shield. When I was attacked, I had a healing beam. When Val was attacked, she had my shield. When Crow was attacked, he had a shield&healing beam. There was NOTHING that the wraith could do! Even if he abducting one of us, we still had LOS for a healing beam.

This didn’t take tier4 hunters. This was an original release stage1 hunter shut down.

I’ve also had the same effect playing as sunny when a goliath was trying to kill our medic in another match. shield drone+nukes+aoe heal ability. When it decide to turn to me, I aoe cloaked and draw it’s attention away on a cat and mouse while somebody else revived under cover of cloak… AND downed people get the cloak too!

So many ways of preventing the over-damage… It just takes TEAMWORK.
And it’s becoming the go-to monster because it’s least effected by all the tier4 hunter abilities.

That being said: Kraken will receive a speed reduction during casting that was removed accidentally next patch.

And I sincerely hope they buff the other monsters a bit. Goliath is currently disadvantaged with the advent of spore nades, nukes, and mortars; Too much DPS too fast. Behemoth… will be fixed next patch. Wraith I’m beginning to feel is in a good spot.


Eh I think kraken fine, except for that thing that was accidentally taken away from him, if its true


It’s posted and confirmed by Macman.

The same code that was changed to reduce the movespeed of flying kraken when tranq’d (which it no longer does, that was the change 2.0) was also used to slow/stop a flying kraken during it’s aoe attack (which now it doesn’t…).

It’s going to be corrected next patch.


Ahh interesting. Also, I did know that about the Val tranqs on him


One of the changes: Tranq now brings it to the ground where it’s ground movement is slowed… just not it’s flight speed.


Yeah, I knew that


Behemoth just needs to rockwal and then the downed hunter dies in like 3 or 4 hits


I actualy wouldn’t mind a damage reduction to downed hunters. Unless I’m going against laz my go to strategy is to down someone, bait a revive, do a late lightning strike followed by a vortex. Two hunters instantly downed