Reduce Electro Griffin Harpoon Range

As a person who plays a lot as him, he’s OP like that and TBH the range of his harpoon isn’t that different from Griffin’s for it to be called “short ranged” in the description.

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Well, I don’t agree. I think his harpoon’s range is 25 metres, and I don’t think that’s long range at all.


It’s a big reduction in comparison to normal Griffin. His harpoon range is 45 meters compared to EGriffin’s 25.

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Griffin harpoon range: 41 meters
E Griffin harpoon range: 23 meters.
(source, evolve wiki^)
It IS different and it doesn’t require a nerf at all. if you are getting easy harpoons as E griffin, you are clearly doing a great job, nothing OP about that.


He just got a big reload speed nerf


Yeah I wouldn’t want to see his range go down tbh, it’d make him virtually useless against airborne targets (and he already has it tough there anyway). I don’t think that he’s in that bad a spot tbh, I think the reload speed increase of the last patch makes sense, I think if anything else were to be tweaked it’d be the weapon swap time as his main use is swapping between his gun and harpoon, so a bit of a slower switch would help put him into less of a twitch CC category that Griffin could operate in more uniquely.


I dont want them to nerf his swap… i already use bounty hunter on second slot to compensate for slow switch… with 4sec cooldown on harpoon… i think he is at rigth spot now… any thing more will make him bad…

the longer it takes to switch more distance monster covers… with his 23mt range its very tough to pull of even 2 consecutive poons …

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is this a troll thread to mock slim op threads? btw slim is not op, he just need less coordination with teammates

Yeah like I said, I wouldn’t want to see anything else changed but that’s where I could see a change coming. I don’t see him as someone that should be worrying about the chase, for example, and weapons switch speed would help to isolate that, or at least force him to take quick switch perks more to compensate.

But I’m happy where he is :slight_smile:

He’s a close range Griffin. The range on his lock-down is much shorter than Griffin’s harpoon gun. You don’t believe me? Play E Griffin and pull out the lock-down during the chase. Play the next match as Griffin, do the same thing and you will see the difference.

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It’s just you who is really good, not because he is OP, damn why people seem to like nerfs so much, i rarely see “X is UP, pls buff” in this Forum,

I mean, look at waggie, quira, tech hank, and some others, i still patiently waiting for them to be viable in competitive, but people just want nerfs for viable characters, you know that he has been nerfed recently, right? Stop ruining viable characters! (No offence)

Or maybe @akira_him is right, this is just a troll thread to mock those “OP Slim” thread. If yes, well done.

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No reducing range

Not really digging reducing the range on a short ranged item.