Reduce Behemoth Roll Damage


It just does way too much damage. I know it was increased to make it easier to run through wildlife, but you could just make it stronger against wildlife but weaker against hunters. This probably is already being worked on, but I just wanted to make sure.


I find it odd that rolling can hit multiple times in rapid succession when he barely moves during it.


Um. No, no Behemoth nerfs. As you pointed out too, he needs it so his roll isn’t interrupted by a pebble or a reaver.


Y not. Hes pretty strong now.


He’s pretty strong, not OP. Yes finally area denial which he should’ve been day 1. You get hit by roll and its kinda your fault for getting so close.


And thats the point, why not make it good against animals but weak against hunters?

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I’m not sure if that can be done. Although if it can, it doesn’t make sense, you get hit by it then it’s your fault. Same can be said about AS, Jack’s survey, Goliath’s RT, ect.

It can be dodged easily but Behemoth does need the damage, it kills wildlife, destroys objects, and hurts Hunters. Kinda what you’d expect if a 20 tonne rock Monster falls on you.


Reduce behemoths roll damage to something like 1/2-2/3 his regular melee damage. Give it a 5x multiplier to wildlife.

Im coming for you now, obsidian grubs


Because of Lava Bomb, not the roll. The roll is fine. His roll damage is the only thing preventing every tiny wildlife on the map from stopping him dead in his tracks.


You mean like a bullet WON’T stop the monster dead in it’s tracks or how an obital strike doesn’t outright kill it OR having it’s insides cooked by the LG…explain that one to me.


Lava bomb is meant to be this powerful.

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No. It won’t.

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Yeah I don’t have a problem with it. It has a long cast time and leaves a fairly small area of denial. Behemoth is not OP at all.


Thank you!


uh huh… of course…


I think it’s radius needs to be adjusted. It’s bigger then it actually looks.


The intial impact damage radius might be larger than the explosion effect, but that kind of makes sense since it spews out multiple bombs in a larger area when it hits.

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Yeah tha’ts great and all but when you clealy dodge it yet still get smacked…not cool. same with the droplets. Their raduis is MASSIVE compared to what is really shown.


But with aftershock it isnt your fault if you get hit, its nearly undodgable. As for rolling, you can pretty much instantly take away half of a hunters health with one roll punch combo. I know youre supposed to keep distance from behemoth, but its kinda ridiculous.

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The only thing I would change about lava bomb is how much damage it deals to incapped hunters.