Redo challenges


So I’ve been a huge fan of this game since day one. I’ve been a part of every weekend challenge so far but I have been screwed out of a grand total of two rewards but I’m really only upset about one and that’s the gold behemoth skin. I know for a fact I played that weekend. I had a few friends over who I showed the game, but becuz I had company over that weekend I didn’t really play it that much, in fact I think I only played two games and they were in solo play.

behemoth is my favorite monster and the fact that he is the only one I don’t have the gold skin for is pretty frustrating to me and I want a chance to redeem myself. Its been a couple weeks and no weekend challenge has happened but the real question is why not. Instead of just letting the community sit on our thumbs why aren’t we getting redo’s of previous weekend challenges while they work on all this new stuff. Didnt they say at one point that the skins would be available more than once


I heard word that the skin challenges, minus the Gold at least, would be available for purchase after the first year.

Though that word was 3-4 months after launch.

That said, I would like another fhance to get Gold Goliath, Kraken, and Weaith, which would’ve been an interesting event for the 1 year anniversary.


I believe it was in a somewhat recent topic (at least I recently read it) that it was stated that any challenge reward skins would not be available for purchase and any skins from the store would never be presented as a challenge reward


This one will not be available again, it’s been set aside to be a special thank you for those who were Evolve supporters in the beginning.

That being said, we’ve had a couple instances where they’ve offered another chance to win a skin we previous failed a challenge on.

We’ll get the chance again for various skins, but I believe we haven’t seen a weekend challenge in about a month because TRS was super busy trying to get a patch out, which ultimately got pushed back.

There will be more challenges, but this weekend is another Quickshot Tournament so if they do another one soon it would be in about a week.


I can understand that, though they should probably re-word it from “early supporter” to something else.

I didn’t buy the game when it first came out, but I did have it before the Gold skin events happened. Unfortunately, I was unable to contribute on those weekends to the challenges, so by saying “early supporters”, I feel a bit cheated just because I was living a life.

I would be willing to shell out some cash, to TRS directly, for the Gold skins, if it was ever an option. Not like a massive amount, but maybe 10-15 for all 3. I’m not trying to bribe them if it seems like that.


It’s doubtful that challenge skins are going into the store.


The Gold skins had value which was thrown out the window with their redo. They weren’t even supposed to go up again in my opinion and I’m glad that G.G won’t be given again. I understand some didn’t get it but you literally have to do just one match during s three day span, one game.

If they were sold then those with my opinion will just be outraged by it.

But I digress, that’s off-topic.

All skins will have the chance to be redistributed except the Turtle Rock Gold Goliath Skin.

I don’t believe it’s been said that they’ll be sold though.


They won’t be sold, check back on what ladieaupair has said in the recent past


Maybe allow the community to do a vote for the skin on a weekend challenge. Maybe have like 3-4 we can choose from


Either way repeating a challenge is better than having no challenge at all


the only skin ive missed were the 2 hank ones like 3 months ago or it feels 3 months ago


Do you have a source?


There is no source, it’s been specifically said that challenge skins will not be on sale in the future.