Redistribute some Warp Blast strength to other skills


I feel that Wraith changes went a bit too far in either direction, resulting in a very 1-sided build option for her. My suggestion;

Reduce the damage of Warp Blast, increase duration or damage of Supernova.

Decoy is a problem unto itself right now. My idea for this; reduce damage of Decoy, make ‘shooting reveals cloaked Wraith’ require ~5 seconds of sustained damage.



Personally, would trade 10% radius and 10% damage on WB for 15-20% supernova duration. 30% decoy damage for 20% increased duration. I think the invisibility reveal is fine Where it is. Requires you to break LOS instead of just spamming it.


I think Warp Blasts damage is fine, its the main damage dealer in her kit, but I do agree that Supernova should be a smidge longer, and decoy…I never use decoy so iunno (also Abduction should be more reliable but thats a given ;p)


I left out Abduction b/c I feel it is the most perfect skill in her kit. The range is obscene, and the area effect of the grab is pretty generous. It is undoubtedly the most difficult skill shot of the 4 Monsters, and I’m ok with that. As to Decoy- perhaps if the copy did not shimmer, then the current reveal mechanics would be ok. As it stands, you can discern the copy at a glance.


Maybe make it have blood shimmer?
So instead of the entire decoy just shimmering in the most glaringly obvious way possible, have it “bleed” star stuff so the hunters have to pay a bit of attention to it to check what it is. And I do believe the Wraith Reveal is much too long, it takes 0 effort to keep track of an invisible Wraith as it is


I’d be happy with a reduced knockback for warp blast if anything…or a lesser time stunned.

But you’re right about Decoy. Level 3 decoy is stupid in particular. I’d be happy to see the wraith go back to being hard to make visible if decoys damage output was balanced better.

Supernova seems like it’s fine to me, people complain about being a sitting target so I don’t know if duration should be increased, while at the same time it’s fairly damaging anyway.

I’d almost forgotten how tedious it was to play against wraiths but this weekend has kicked them all back up again. Sad times. Sad sad times.


I agree with the idea of redistributing some Warp Blast strength to other skills. Right now Warp Blast simply does too much for Wraith, so it greatly overshadows her other skills.

Here are the changes I would like to see:

Warp Blast

  • slightly decreased radius
  • radius is more visible to hunters
  • slightly decreased damage


  • slightly increased duration
  • increased radius
  • cannot be combined with Decoy


  • give an indication of when a creature is targeted (like Tongue Grab)
  • greatly increase travel speed (so less air time & less likely for a target to dodge it)
  • slight increase in damage
  • allow 180 turn after Abduction (credit to Plaff)


  • greatly reduced damage (if not eliminate it entirely)
  • decoy attacks don’t stop timer from decreasing
  • increased duration
  • more convincing decoy (less obvious effects)
  • stealth reveal based on a certain amount of damage, instead of any damage (point added after thinking about the issue brought up by Loli)
  • optional: increased knockback on decoy attacks

My goal with these changes was to keep Warp Blast as a good ability, but not an overpowering one - plus to make it a bit more fair (since Hunters would have a better chance to dodge it). It was also to make Supernova and Abduction a bit more useful, and have Decoy be much more useful as a decoy.

Edit: updated my list of changes after points brought up by Loli and Plaff. Abduction 180 turn was to give the Wraith more options (without really making Abduction OP or UP). The Decoy stealth reveal change was to make it so hunters who know where you are will still reveal you when attacking you, but simply spraying-and-praying an area will be less effective in finding a cloaked Wraith.

Wraith: Once an assassin, now a glorified Creeper

@castem i agree with all of that and would only add that the whole “getting shot reveals you from stealth” thing needs to go away. bloodspatter and being lit on fire is plenty for detecting where she is while sending out the decoy. i made a thread that is pretty much this discussion. join us

Wraith: Once an assassin, now a glorified Creeper

To add to this, I’d like to see abduction turn you in the opposite direction if it successfully hits something. So if you abduct a Hunter, you zoom forward, grab the hunter, do a 180 turn and then pull them back so that you’re now between the Hunter and the rest of the team. I feel like this’d make it more effective for truly separating people and would make it a stronger ability overall.


That is a change I have mixed feelings on. I’ll make a post in your thread explaining why (after I get my thoughts together) as to not derail this thread.

I always felt that Abduction was meant to separate the hunters through distance, rather than by putting the Wraith between the hunter and his group; this change would go against that line of thinking. This change may also be a bad thing because it would turn your back against the other hunters (so you wouldn’t know what they’re doing).

That being said, I’m not entirely opposed to your proposed change. I don’t believe it would make Abduction OP or UP, and it would give more options for Wraith players. I think if you allowed the player to control whether or not they performed the 180 turn, it would be a welcome addition to Wraith’s arsenal.


Warp Blast: I’d start with giving it a visible explosion radius first and see how that goes before nerfing it’s damage or radius. As a Wraith player I know the radius well and am pretty good at dodging it when I play against a fellow Wraith.

Abduction: Needs to be a little faster and less buggy.

Decoy: Reduce/remove shimmer and maybe reduce damage. Right now I take decoy more for it’s damage than stealth potential, which just seems wrong.

Supernova: I hardly ever use this. Maybe give wraith some damage reduction during nova. Bigger cloud, more speed? I dunno.