Red lights everywhere and behemoth stucks between trees/walls


I love evolve but i have to say there are still so many bugs. Today when i was playing ranked as goliath the whole map turned red. You know those flares at the start of the map right ? Think about them being everywhere, literally everywhere. I wasn’t even able to see the ground. And like at the end of the game it suddenly fixed but when i looked a little up everything was blue -_- Same color of the meteor goliath. And second of all when i was playing behemoth i got stuck between a tree and a wall while i was rolling. And i had to wait for my stamina to drop to zero before i was able to get out.
And in one match (defend mode) the game suddenly closed without any errors.


Are you on PC, and if so have you updated your graphics drivers to the latest version?


Yeah i am on PC and yeah i got the latest version which i think doesn’t really matter cause i have gtx 980 and the latest version was for MGS V only i think.


Maybe Val had put some experimental tranqs in the corpse you’re eating at the start.

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Never encounter such problems before, make sure you check your graphic card.