Red Dead Redemption 2 Coming to PC

I figured this might be thread worthy, despite we kinda knew this was going to happen… it’s still pretty awesome news! What are you guys most interested in doing on RDR2? I really want to do the online play. It looked stupid fun on consoles. Maybe we could get some forum members together in a little wild west gang. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It will be released on Rockstar’s new game launcher, Epic Games Store, and, at a later date, Steam. Much more information is available in the article below.

With this news, please don’t resort to Epic vs Steam arguments nor any developer/publisher bashing in your responses. :slight_smile:


Nice, although it would make more sense to release the first one on PC

Not even all that excited for it anymore tbh. I’ll pick it up eventually but eh… I’ve already seen the spoilers.

Also heads up people are apparently dropping unmarked spoilers in those twitter threads so might wanna avoid opening them.

Story is good. MP sucks.

So now their trying to sell it to you master racers (because it failed and console players hated it) in which case id hope you know better.

What’s wrong with the multiplayer?

The in game credits… and the cost of everything was really high people quit quick and never returned. this my own opinion but why not just play GTAV. To add the MP games to me are not that fun could be another reason no1 liked it. BTW ive played alot of games and most of these are just renditions off other games mostly COD or battlefield with a very poor implantation.


if you plan on doing some kind of RP with it it could be fun but purly for a good MP experince nah i wouldnt buy it. Lke i said the story is good.

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I got it for xbox but I dont like it too much with the pad. I will wait for the PC release!!!

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Love Jay great dude and somehow I knew that any company associated with take2interactive really just want to get into your bank account. :joy: