Reconnect Feature [Dev Response]

So, in the span of 10 matches I’ve already had twice that the server loses the connection to the host.
What I want to know is, is this host a certain player? Is this caused by the server just brainfarting or what?

I’ve already lost 2 matches because of this that were going crazy good as hunters and it just makes me suspect that the monster is the host and rage quits to punish the hunters for winning.
Correct me if I’m wrong on this ofc.

So what generally causes these connection timeouts, and when they happen, why aren’t we allowed to simply rejoin the match. If it happens to every single player, could’nt the game just pause and wait like 2 minutes for the players to reconnect?

if you play in a Party, the Party leader is the Host. If he’s from EU and the other 3 are from US for example, your Connection will be worser than normal. If you play alone i think the Monster is always Host. IDK how these timeouts happen but i think it’s because Evolve use amazon servers?

So I just crashed out of a ranked match that I was about to win (2 hunter leavers should indicate how well I was doing) and got a penalty for ‘abandoning the game’ when I reloaded. I noticed that players do show up in recent players tab now, however I was not able to actually do anything with that as I couldn’t request to rejoin the game.

Rank position seems unchanged, perhaps it’ll update once I get into my next match.

Actually I’ve just noticed that I did lose rank, badge shows Silver Skilled (A demotion) while the leaderboard is not updated yet

@snowkissed can you please tell me how I can now rejoin a game i’ve dropped off? which just now has been the case. I can see the ppl i’ve played in my latest match, however if they are not my friends im unable to join that certain game and if I have to add them to my friend list / explain who I am the game is already over. So please explain me how I now rejoin a game with the new functionality provided in this patch =)

Sorry for the delay! Make sure you recognize some of the names in your current game.

  1. Once you’ve dropped off, open your steam overlay (typically shift+tab)
  2. In the lower left, there’s a “Players” box. Click the “View Players” button
  3. In that list, you should be able to find someone you were in the game with and join on them.

If they don’t have their profile public enough though, this may not work. So it’s not a guarantee, but it should help in some instances I think.

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did not know you could do that. By the way, would it still count as a loss even if you reconnect back into the game?

@snowkissed why doesnt rejoin functionality work for hunt beta?

Should be fixed in the next patch. It was a complex bug.

Wew! Hype.