Reconnect Feature [Dev Response]

Please make a rejoin functionality; my game crashes so often due to ‘cryengine error dxgi_error_device_reset’ and that fucking ruins the experience for my teammates…

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Hi there! That really sucks that your game crashes often - you should check out this thread for some help on that:

Regarding the rejoin functionality: this is definitely something we want, and we’ll be including it as a part of our creating our own matchmaking service. Right now, this isn’t possible. However! you should be able to join on a friend if you’re playing with a friend OR you can find one of your team mates in the Recently Played list and join on them to reconnect once that feature goes out (TOMORROW!)


In recently played matches it DOESNT list the players I have last played with; it’s just plain emty.
However, thanks for the reply =)

The patch doesn’t go out until 10AM PST. As of that time, Recently Played will be populated.

@snowkissed - thanks for your engagement/great job! - looking forward to this feature and less “bot” affected games for my teammates due to the unavailability of rejoining =)


just an hour and a half and then we should always get a full set to play with ^^

you’re very welcome! :purple_heart:

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Steam went down, so reconnect wouldn’t matter in this case. But I do agree with the concept of an ability to get back in to your last match you were disconnected from!

I already lost my streak with gorgon ~20 and with Wraith ~5 cause of the same issue…


Great 5\3(3 dc from the server in a row) kelder. Im done. Thanks guys for a great game. I don’t wanna play anymore cause i lost my clean stats 6 times(3 kelder 2 gorgon 1 wraith)…

Your winstreak and WLR aren’t everything, buddy.

So, my PC just shut down for some reason and after getting back into Evolve I am not able to reconnect. Why isn’t this a thing ? There was no way the match was already over by the time I got back in. Please let me reconnect!

And my game simply crashed to Windows (force quit you call it?) with no message whatsoever. When I started it back again (SSD drive so pretty quick) there was no option to reconnect. That’s crap…

If your game crashes you probably would need to check the Specifics and match it to yours. Their is a reconnect feature but that’s only if you are friends with them.

friends only isn’t really optimal imo.

I cannot express how much I’d like to have this option too !

Hi, ive just made an account to convey my frustration with the regular disconnecting that occurs when loading a match. This does not just occur with myself, but many of my regular friends I play with. So far this has directly resulted in 3/10 losses in our Ranked preliminaries. It is inevitable with any game that crashes and disconnects are going to happen, regardless of whether the fault is with the client or the user’s PC or internet. BUT this can all be very easily avoided by having a reconnect to game option when rebooting the client. I can’t really think of any reason why this isn’t a fundamental part of the client. Hope my feedback helps improve the game, keep up the good work.

Why can’t we reconnect in ranked matches? I just lost one match because my game crashed, and iIcouldn’t reconnect… That’s really unfair, it is a real disadvantage for the teammates as well… Just make a reconnect button in the main screen and that’s it… Really easy

Almost won aaaaand dc from the server… great. 5\0 with elder kraken >>> 5\2 ek cause of server dc.