Reconnect button


how about instead of giving people penalties for your game crashing without any information on the crash and lack of fixes due to no info, you add a simple reconnect.

cause i don’t like it when,

  1. people are punished for something they can’t control.
  2. the useless intros at the start where “OH YOU CAN SKIP IT AND SAVE 5 SECONDS OUT OF THE 80 SECONDS IT TAKES TO FINALLY LOAD AND LOG IN!” should be skippable all together and you should be able to auto login while loading, not when the cinematic that takes up 3 GB of the game loads.
  3. the lack of a reconnect button which makes people feel bad cause they can’t reconnect and the new matchmaking makes it where you can’t join existing matches, like what were you thinking there? atleast the old system allowed you to fill in a missing spot.
    and 4. the lack of a system to collect crash data? cause i’ve yet to get one of those.

i mean this game has been out for how long? i mean yeah you did good work fixing the falling through the map bug and such other things, but now it’s time to step up to the plate.

you are making these crashes have consequences, without any redemption cause your game crashes, while yes it is more stable, it still crashes.

add a reconnect button, cause i mean even VALVE has a reconnect button, they’re not 100% sure that their code won’t break, why should you be?

TL;DR: add a reconnect button if you’re gonna make stuff with a rank system like something outta league of legends.


i verified my cache, defragged my HDD on a weekly basis, make sure to clean the dust out every week and a half, update my drivers constantly when i’ve verified that they won’t screw up in the forums of the company that makes them, i make sure my comp temp is nominal, double check my settings so it’s native to my screen, and any other checking i can think of.

still needs a reconnect button, cause there are also people who lose their net at times due to storms and maintenance.


It’s a good idea, I believe that it’s on TRS’ list of considerations to patch in.


As @niaccurshi said, they have stated in a another thread that it is definitely on there wish list for future updates and also agree that its a good idea. It sucks when something like this is totally out of our control but the players still get penalised for it. The person who drops out loses points as though they deserted (and potentially a bad rep with the other players they had been in with), and the rest of the team get a bot.

It obviously needs time to implement but otherwise I wholeheartedly agree with what you are saying. The good news is that the Devs agree too. :smile:



Seriously? He hopes?

It’s MUST HAVE in the game with penalties and ranked play which is also crashes and disconnects you a lot


He probably just doesn’t want to guarantee anything in case they run into technical issues or platform certification problems that’s all.


At least have the invite to game button function on Steam be functional if the person is on your friends list at the very least.


After being kicked out of the game twice today for supposedly bad internet (although it just worked fine, after tabbing out and trying with my browser) i strongly second this suggestion.

  1. I loose hard earned rank
  2. My team looses hard earned rank
  3. I get whatever internal punishments for leaving a game

And all could be avoided with one simple (may not be as simple to program, but very important still) reconnect button…


I need to resurrect this thread, because this functionality is still sorely missed.