Recommended perks for Parnell?

I’m planning on picking up Parnell, any perks you guys can advise for him?

I don’t play him that much but when I do, I usually pick: Damage > quick switch > Damage
i pick silver quick switch for extremely fast weapon swapping.
although quick switch > damage > damage probably works just as well.


Damage - Switch - Damage OR switch - capacity - capacity

Hm, I heard people saying damage isn’t really worth it since his shotgun won’t benefit from it as much due it firing pellets. Is this true?

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I usually run Switch - Capacity - Capacity. I feel switch is a must since you cycle between shotgun and missile launcher. Capacity is nice and makes you deadlier when super-soldier is up. Gold will give you an extra missile and 2 shotgun shells, and silver will add another shell on top of that.
It’s also good for getting extra chase damage / Kraken damage with the missile launcher.

Failing that Reload can work to get your super-soldier back faster…although you won’t see the benefits for actually reloading your weapons.

With regards to Damage @Alex_Versnel …it’s alright I guess. His shotgun does 10 base damage but you’ll only be able to boost that up to 11, so if you do want to run Damage for extra shotgun omph take the bronze and gold perks. It’s more noticeable on his rockets but then I’d rather just have another one with Capacity.

EDIT: Maybe swap out the silver capacity (unless you really like that extra shell) for something like jetpack or reload. Experiment with what you wanna run.

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I asked about this last night on the discord, there’s fractional damage in the game so he receives the full benefit of things like 3% damage increases even though it doesn’t show. Anyways I also run damage-switch-damage, seems to be the best since it maximizes damage.


oh, nice to know, thanks for the info

I run MS/JH/HR for T1 perk, depending on the medic, and then reload/class ability for T2, then class ability/reload.

Once again it all depends on the medic. If it’s a weak healer then I pick more defensively like HR/reload/class ability.

Stronger healer means I can use MS/class ability/reload.

I pick reload because it means SS can come up more I battle, so in case it’s on CD it comes up faster, on top of faster reloading on SS.

QS/Reload/Reload here

I find having an extra super soldier to burn on the monster post-dome for some MAJOR post-dome damage is huge.

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