Recommend Me Cooperative Games Like Killing Floor (PS4)


I’m loving Evolve so far but I need something else to scratch my co-op itch.

Basically games like Killing Floor where you have classes and levels but it’s humans versus waves.

Preferably a shooter (first or third person) and from 2016 (which means you can recommend games that haven’t released yet).



Guns of Icarus is good, basically 3D multiplayer FTL.

L4D, 1 and 2 works and so do Vermintide, but it’s best played with friends.


Whoops, forgot to mention that it needs to be on PS4 as my current pc needs some fixing up before I start using it for games again.


I believe Vermintide is available on PS4. I own it on PC and it’s a lot of fun! :slightly_smiling:


Oh, you’re right. It’s apparently going to release during this quarter. NEAT.

How is it? Progression/level up system and such?

I love that it’s warhammer, already bonus points for that.



Ooh, Vermintide is coming for PS4? I quite liked the look of that game.

Also, worth noting that Killing Floor 2 is also releasing for the PS4 at some point.


Yep, waiting on it but I want something else too just in case KF2 takes forever haha.


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