Recommend a decent processor at a decent price?

Hey guys, some people might know I’ve been ranting about getting a new gfx card recently. I’m aiming for an Nvidia GTX 960, whiiich I’ve managed to find at a price of 2200SEK (Call that approximately 270 dollars or 240 euroes)
Hopefully, I should be able to get that by the end of this month! My next big piece I’m aiming for saving up for though, I think, is a processor.
Anyone got any ideas? I’m not exactly future-proofing my PC, more upgrading. My current processor issssss…
Uh… About 4-5 years old… Its uhhhh…
An AMD Phenom II X4 955 processor. God knows how good that was back in its glory day… But yeah, anyway.

Can anyone recommend what processor I could get, and at a decent price?

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If you’re not trying to future-proof then it’s probably not even worth upgrading unless you’re seeing CPU bottlenecks. Almost no games utilize the CPU to that extent though. My CPU is 3 years old and ARK is the only game that really stresses it, and by “stresses” I mean “often takes 20% or so across all cores” so uh yeah, not really an issue.

The thing about CPUs is that if you want to upgrade that you’ll most likely also need to upgrade your motherboard, which can also sometimes mean upgrading RAM depending on your situation. SO, unless you’re in bad need of a CPU speed boost, I’d maybe start saving with an eye toward a more future-proof build, rather than upgrading for the sake of upgrading.

EDIT: Alternately, if you decide to forgo the CPU upgrade, maybe spend a couple more weeks saving toward an even shinier GPU. Even if you can’t get another “tier” you might be able to swing a higher-memory or better-cooled model. (I’m still kicking myself for ordering my 980 a couple weeks before the 980Ti was announced.)


What @zind said. Also, you can easily move a video card to a new computer if yours doesn’t work well. No reason to worry about it at this stage. Most of the time you save, and future proof, ALOT when you assemble a complete computer instead of piece by piece. This also ensures that things don’t slowly start dying and need more replacement before seeing full use of them.

Yeah… Might be a good idea to somewhat future proof after all. I was looking at i5 for now, I dont actually have that much money ;W;

i5 is a solid choice, I’ve done two lower-priced (less than $1k) builds for friends this year and used an i5 in both of them. If you’ve already got a case and PSU and your RAM is reusable, that knocks $300+ off easy.

If you don’t already have an SSD though, get one of those before you start contemplating a whole new machine. The speed boost those things offer make older machines feel new again.

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I went with an amd 8 core, did not disappoint

Yeah, that could be a good idea. I bought like, 2 new RAM cards at the start of the year as the old ones were kinda busted- turns out one of the RAM cards were completely broken from the moment it was purchased (Was my boyfriend’s old PC, pre-built) so it had a LOT of bluescreens due to that.
4 years and he had no idea what was causing it…

Dang dude, run a memtest or something, that’s some amateur shit :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, stuck an SSD (256GB Crucial M4) in my last build and I was blown away. I was always dubious at the claims of “SSDs are the single best upgrade you can do!” but I am totally on-board with that assertion now. Reboots take 10 seconds tops, and basic Windows apps i.e. browsers and word processors fire up instantly.

I recently added a second larger SSD (500GB Samsung 850EVO) that is dedicated to storing larger and slower games and it is heavenly. When I fire up ARK I’m loaded and on a server in 30 seconds or less.

Aha- my boyfriend’s new PC has an SSD and it boots so fast… We’re not sure if it makes the computer reboot though when he tells it to shut down, cause it kinda just, starts up again xD

Sounds like a power setting to me. In any event, SSDs can be had for cheaper than a modern CPU, and will offer a much more tangible performance benefit, so I’d advise going that route before the new CPU route.

Alright, I’ll sure consider that ^^

This is awesome, heh, even if one might not agree with evertything there. Thanks!

When I first got an SSD, I said “Holy shit this is amazing! I wonder if it works with games, too…”

Now I have two.

@ToiletWraith I am too lazy to read all of the 15 comments so maybe somebody has already mentioned it, but try i5 4690k its for about 220$