Recomended song:Collecting Cookies


Now this is REALLY off topic but I just wanted to share something.

So I was on Youtube searching up songs and I found a song called “Collecting Cookies” made by Living Tombstone, and it is extremely addictive to listen to. Check it out if you want, I want to see what people think of it. (Song is down there)




Haha, thanks


No. Thank you. For this song.

My eyes have been opened.


So, what is up with this song? Not sure I get what it’s supposed to mean.


Well it’s based off a game called Cookie Clicker, which is very addictive, and the lyrics are about the people that play it and lose themselves in it… “none of it matters since I just sit collecting cookies”


Just make your mouse auto click for you? ^.-


Eh, I didn’t make the song so I don’t know, but that’s what it means…


I thought it was a mobile device thing?


Who knows? I don’t play it. It’s why I said I don’t get the point of the game.
That’s why I asked a question about making the mouse click for you. Could have made it a statement. O.o


The point of the game is to…Click cookies? And…Uh…Something happens when you do that?



Click to get more. Get more to upgrade and get even more. With more cookies you get endless upgrades.


That sounds just like this


This must be fun to watch while sitting in slims spore cloud ^.^