Recieving Someone Elses Skill Mastery


I really wish I would have though to save the video but I didn’t so you are just going to have to trust me on this one.
I am on the PS4 by the way.
I was on the desert level with all the acid water (I don’t remember the name)
I was playing as Sunny whom is already at Elited
Another player was playing as Hyde.

The Hyde player through out a bomb and hit the monster (Kraken) and I got a shot off on the Kraken as well. When my mini nuke hit the kraken Hydes grenade skill mastery popped up for me and went from 75% to 100%.
I checked after the match and it did infact 3 star his grenades for me. I was already working on the 3 star but wasn’t even halfway there yet.

I certainly am not complaining about some free mastering of a character but I feel like such a bug should be known.


I’ve noticed that too! I had this happen to me in patch 1.1, so maybe devs might want to look into what has changed from 1.0 to 1.1.

Edit: PC here.


I have gotten progress for Slim while playing Crow. This was on PC.

I’ve also seen more reports of this around.


Have you played Hyde the match before? Sometimes, the progression system decides that giving you stuff from a previous match is a good idea…


Happened to me with Slim whilst I was playing Sunny just a few days ago. Really weird. I was playing Slim in a solo match prior if that helps anyone.


Now I think of it, I was also playing Slim in a solo match before getting mastery from him while playing Crow in an online match.


Happened to me yesterday. PC-player.

Played Sunny and got Hyde’s nade progression


Has happened to me in the past, most notably with the “I joined a game but there are no free spots so I’m just an observer now” bug. Whoever I am watching when the match ends, I get their mastery.


I was not playing hyde before. HAvent touched him in days.


This has happened for me as well - Slim XP when I’m not using him. Although its for the skill that I’ve already level so of course it goes to no where. It just says I get the xp, or its showing someone else leveling. Not sure which it is, but it happens in the match, not after.


Just happened to me on ps4 as well.