Recently played with


I love this game and has been here since big alpha but one thing that is bothering me (No, not xx Hunter or monster is OP/broken) and that is that we got no recently played with record if there are people we wanna add, is there any plans to implant this in the future? As it’s something i would like to see in this game. If you find a nice pub with people whom you have a blast with and wanna add them but have to find them in the wiiiiide steam database can be kinda tricky. This is just my two cents on this matter :slight_smile:


Go into player options. (The same place where you mute people) From there you can open their steam profile.


It’s not a possibility unfortunately. It’s something about the game using 2K servers and not Steam servers, if I remember correctly.


I see, that is kinda sad. But i managed to fix it anyway. Since i have the habit of starting every sentence with big letter for some reason it always triggers the overlay from steam which why i’ve got it disabled.


Question answered, so I’m closing this. :slight_smile: