Recently Played on Steam Overlay



Just had a blast playing a great game with a good team of random people. I shift-tabbed into the steam overlay and tried to bring up players from current or recent games to add them to my friends list but it said no players reported to the server in current games, and recent had players from other games but not Evolve.

This would be a great feature to grow the community.

Thanks devs!

Recently Played With In Steam Overlay

Sheesh I didn’t even get that far. I was just about to say “gg” to some people only to realize I was already alone. :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be a nice feature, the Devs should work with Valve to figure that out.

Also, they’re looking into possibly giving you the option to party up after a match to continue matchmaking with those same people.


This is too Turtle Rock please work with steam and get your game to work with Recently Played With in the steam overlay this is a big issue right now the only way to add a person is at the start of a game and you cant know if they are friendly or a good fun player until after a match. and since people have hard to remember names looking them up in steam after a match is hard and take too long.


@Shaners :?


“Recently played with” only works in games that use the Steam Servers.


that why it under suggestion for them too see if they can get it to work on their severs as well.

that why i said work with steam.