Recent waggie perks

Anyone have some perk set ups for waggie that are newish?
I’ve tried the old thread from pre buff and it says she’s useless.
So I wondered what others are using.
I’ve been using swap in bronze and either damage or poison in silver/gold slots.
Is there any other good setups for her?

Either full poision for dmg or movement speed or some other jump height/jetpack perks for better post-dome chase dmg. It’s good to also take swap speed as bronze, because you will be swapping weapons a lot.

I like swap/poison/poison.


actually full damage is more effective, I’ve heard it affects daisy too

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However, it should slowly destroy non-mine deployable since otherwise it would swing the counter back too far in Wraith’s favor.

Even if it’s true you will lose out on that sweet DoT chase damage and its doesn’t lose half of its effectiveness when daisy is dead.

Full damage FTW
Most of her damage come from Daisy.
Daisy damage potential is almost as high as Cabot damage amp.
So ask medic to save her when she get focus in some situation

This’s one of my favourite team comp.
Assault : Hyde
Trapper : Waggie
Support : Cabot
Medic : Slim

With this comp you can make dome drop around 10-20 seconds at stage 1 fight =D

Love it when my questions get answered but I don’t get notified.
But thanks for the replies, I think I’ll try full damage or damage poison damage not sure yet.
As for what @FeelGoodINC said that is a great comp, I had the same set up v Kraken and daisy got the highest damage but it is a great team v anyone else.

Swap speed minor, rocket king major, celerity superior. Standard build I run on all trappers.

I used to run things like that but I find waggie and Abe do benefit from damage, where I find e griff is awesome with full speed perks or Jack with reload /capacity

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