Recent Players List? (PC)


Seems as though recent players aren’t working in the full game. I thought this was just a beta problem. I come across some good/cool players and try to friend them, and there are no Evolve recent players. I am using Steam by the way.



Giving players the tools they need to find friends and play with them means a longer-lasting game.


Strong supporter of this. I’ve really wanted to add a few folks to my friend list only to find another 10,000 people show up. Trying to sift though that many for a single Icon or a special character is very time consuming. Gotta get that recent game list added ASAP if TRS want to build the community.


yeah, its a bummer. I played with 2 people I wanted to add, but the connection dropped and they were gone forever :frowning:


Can we can an official response on this? This is a HUGE issue for a game so heavily based on multiplayer. It’s 2015 and I’ve got to grab a pen and paper to write people’s crazy username’s down to try to find them on Steam. Between this and the mouse cursor appearing/disappearing I want to tear my hair out TurleRock!


This is a critical feature. It is definitely a PIA for PC players. That being said, make sure your own username is unique. That way people can find you. Just search yourself, and change your name if more than one result appears: